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Contemporary - A naughty audible caress sure to get your heart rate up!


About A Mountain
Memoir - Seriously interesting writing style, but his essay just meandered.

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter
Historic Paranormal Fiction - Gruesome and strangely believable.

Paranormal - Audiobook and Paperback reviews

All Play and No Work
Paranormal M/M/M - This was an anticlimactic read...

Paranormal - Gritty contemporary form...

Angels' Blood
Paranromal - Predatory Romance...

The Assignment
Contemporary M/M - GFY Cops get into hot water and leather together.

Awakening the Blood
Paranormal - Entrancing novella...


Bad Moon Rising
Paranormal - Loose hearts (and loose ends) are tied up in this Dark-Hunter series novel.

Bastards and Pretty Boys
Contemporary M/M - Slightly scratched hearts lovingly laved clean.

Paranormal M/M/F - A yummy, contorted, dominating and hot sex scene!

Beauty and the Feast
Contemporary - Taste the romance!

Contemporary M/M - Dom creates the perfect sub morphing from moody professor to pierced and inked.

Bite My Fire
Paranormal - Seriously funny & seriously sexy.

Biting Me Softly
Paranormal - Funny, feel good, paranormal, sexy adult read.

A Black Tie Affair
Contemporary - Vintage sweetness from old misunderstanding sail right into your heart.

Black Wade: The Wild Side of Love
M/M - XXX Disneyesque Americanized Yaoi

Paranormal - Fast, dirty, and twisted: the perfect serving of Dark Urban Fantasy.

Contemporary - Midrange Menage Erotica; steamy, sweet, and light.

Blood Noir
Paranormal - Flying home to meet the folks goes from orgy to torturous mess.

Paranormal - "Everything is shades of gray" Who's good, who's evil?

Bloody Bones
Paranormal - A super bad guy appears paired with super gruesome crimes.

Blue Moon
Paranormal - Shifters, love, and crime.

Contemporary M/M - Holding your breath is not advised during this off-kilter romantic thriller.

The Breeders 
Openminded dystopia

Paranormal - Mamma's devious tricks wreck havoc on Anita's attempt at normalcy.

Burn For Me
Contemporary - A hot romance with a strong emphasis on family.

Burnt Offerings
Paranormal - Very intense intertwining plot lines.


Caffeine for a Marine
Contemporary M/M - Short and sweet first date.

Calling Dr. Love
Contemporary M/M - Good and evil blend; in actions and thoughts...

Captive Flame
Paranormal - Quick and Hot...

Paranormal - Who's hungry for a red headed human?

Sci-fi M/M - Political & emotional machinations are the moving force throughout this story.

Catch Me If You Can
Contemporary M/M - Romantic mystery where no one is quite what they seem...

Cerulean Sins
Paranormal - Anita's harem of men are starting to get sick of her denial...

The Child Thief
Paranormal - A dark and deceptively hopeless fairy tale.

Circus of the Damned
Paranormal - An action packed Halloween adventure!

City of Bones
Paranormal YA - The intricate details invite you to create the monsters inside your head...

Collaring Kat
Contemporary BDSM - Do you believe in a submissive Dominatrix?

Paranormal - Dark apocalyptic theme with more horror than romance.

Cowboy Sandwich
Contemporary M/F/M - Two cowboys looking to find one of the missing pieces of their happily ever after.

Contemporary BDSM - A haunting echo of the darker sides of our real lives...

The Cure 
Fiction - Brutal, dirty, and straight from the mouth of that devil on your shoulder.

Cupid's Bite
Paranormal - Do old flames die or rise again...


Dance Macabre
Paranormal - Master vampire friends' machinations dim in the darkness of Mommy Dearest's curiosity.

The Dark-Hunters Manga: Vol 1 & 2
Paranormal - The world of Dark-Hunters beautifully illustrated but strangely censored.

Date with Destiny
Paranormal - Leaves you wanting more, but in a good way.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone 
Paranormal YA - A darkening fairytale... 

Days of Blood and Starlight 
Paranormal YA - The fairytale gives way to the darkness... 

Desire Unchained
Paranormal - Gritty and dirty but fluffy at the same time...

The Devil's Playground
Paranormal - Political heat manages the plot but the voyeur triad sexing keeps it steamy.

DNF Titles
An Officer and His Gentleman, Pleasure, Wicked Proposal, Not An Angel, Yesterday's Indiscretion

The Dom's Dungeon
Contemporary BDSM - Naked snooping reveals the path to healing.

Double Cross
Paranormal Fantasy - Multiple betrayals of unknowing victims.

Paranormal - Darkly Erotic Post-Apocalyptic Trip.


Escape from Camp 14 
Non-Fiction - An ongoing atrocity. Sadly enough, some of these pages read like fiction!

Eternal Flame 
Paranormal - These paranormal bad boys and girls like it hot & handcuffed!

Eternal Seduction
Paranormal - Jaded human unintentionally snags heart of ancient vamp, attention of more.


Paranormal - Dark Urban Fantasy lust triangle of epic proportions.

Contemporary M/M - Stream of consciousness...

50 Shades of Grey
Contemporary BDSM - White picket fence meets Hollywood Dom...

Feisty Little Firecracker
Contemporary M/M - Fun descriptions of color and sensations...

Paranormal - Flirt with danger and become a slave to the Mistress.

Contemporary F/M/M/M - Surprised me with beautiful phrasing...


The Gala Lover
Paranormal - A sweet strong love to warm your heart.

Contemporary M/M - The multiple story lines come together in a unique way.

The Ghost and the Goth
Paranormal YA - Understanding across the tracks was a classic theme.

Going All In
Contemporary M/M/F - Puns are fun.

Gone with the Monster
Paranormal - Surprisingly wicked paranormal romance to indulge your dark side.

Graceful Submission
Contemporary BDSM - Cyber submission yields unforeseen relief from daily chains.

Guilty Pleasures
Paranormal - A fast and dirty read, also reviewed in Graphic Novel format.


Hajiri's Pet
Paranormal M/M - Kiss-ass action and science fiction that engenders you to the downtrodden...

Halfway to the Grave
Paranormal - Remorse-less killing grabbed me by the neck...

Hands On Training, Extended Edition
Contemporary Menage - Mildly steamy stereotypical romp mixing business with pleasure and best freinds...

Hard Day's Knight
Contemporary - Renaissance fair folk have all the fun!

The Harlequin
Paranormal - Anita Blake takes on her inner demons.

Contemporary M/M - Kinda like a James Bond movie...

Contemporary M/M - Mischievous main protag...

Her Hungers
Paranormal M/F/M - Action and sex are pretty much non-stop....

Her Vampire Husband
Paranormal - Serious May/December romance...

The Highwayman
Paranormal - A nice light read with a veil of sexual heat...

His Hearth
Paranormal M/M - Get sucked in by the awesome relationships and then uncover a whole world of weird.

Hot and Sticky
Contemporary M/M - Spicy m/m romance with a hint of taboo...

How I Met My Countess
Historical - A heroine who is willing to take care of herself...

How to Score
Contemporary - a sweet and quirky romance...

How to Tame a Modern Rogue
Contemporary - A quick light read...

Hurt Me So Good
Contemporary BDSM - Reality TV has never been this bad...

Hush, Hush
Paranormal YA - Intense. Confusion reigned supreme through out this story...


Ice Cream on the Side
Contemporary M/M - Sweet and fast with a twist - soft serve in a chocolate lined waffle cone.

Incubus Dreams
Paranormal - I'm lost in a maze of plot twists...

Paranormal YA - Exciting and confusing jump into the Dark-Hunter world, buckle up!

Paranormal - Pre-apocalyptic, mystery style, paranormal romance...

I Wish He Might...
Paranormal - Do genies get wishes too...


The Jealousy Plot
Contemporary - Romantic and lighthearted to start...

Joy Ride
Contemporary M/M - Fun ride, hot, funny, cute gay romance.

Just Right
Paranormal M/F/M/M - Menage, Goldilocks style...


Kate's Crew
Contemporary F/M/M/M/M/M - A wondrous romp...

Keeping Promise Rock
Contemporary M/M - From horses to fatigues, this emotional rollercoaster shows what family is all about.

Contemporary BDSM - Strong attention to detail and development...

The Killing Dance
Paranormal - The Killing Dance, it's what the werewolves call sex & battles of succession.

King of the Unblessed
Paranormal - Refreshing with classic fairy tale elements...

Kiss the Dead
Paranormal - Stale: relationship phobias, power struggles, cop talk, steamy sex...


Lair of the White Worm (movie)
Paranormal - Extremely disturbing b-movie...

The Laughing Corpse
Paranormal - Zoom, Zoom, finish one catastrophe and another follows...

The Learners
1960s - The voice is oddly harmonious to my own internal dialogue...

Love Slave
Contemporary - Valentine Super Short, Cute, Graphic.

Lover Avenged
Paranormal - Tickled pink by the use of vulgar vernacular...

Lover Mine
Paranormal - Harsh, Intense, Love, Hate, Loyalty, Betrayal...

Luck Be Delaine
Contemporary - A quick read that leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling...

The Lunatic Cafe
Paranormal - Wereanimal politics suck Anita deep into the local werewolf pack...


Master Bear
Contemporary BDSM M/M - Short and bittersweet deathstory...

The Mediocre Assassin's Handbook
Historic Paranormal YA M/M - There are no super stars here...

Paranormal - Short and sweet erotic story with all the classic Anita Blake elements, great way to get a taste of the series...

Mind Games
Paranormal - Disfunctional superheros create a sexy mindworm whispering conspiracy theories and paranoia around every corner.

More Than Just A Good Book
Contemporary M/M - Awesome, outstanding, wonderful quick hot read!

Mr. Sykes and the Firefly
Paranormal M/M - A new flavor on my literary tongue...

My One
Contemporary BDSM - Enjoyed the light bantering...


Contemporary - A realistic modern love story. ...

Narcissus In Chains
Paranormal BDSM - Another fast paced horror adventure...

Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs
Paranormal - nice light relationship/mystery type read...

Night Is Darkest
Contemporary M/F/M - A bittersweet love story with a sick twist...

Fantasy - Magic schools both the mind and the heart.


The Object of My Obsession
Contemporary M/M/F - Emotional discoveries and bittersweet relationships...

Obsidian Butterfly
Paranormal - non-stop horrific thrill ride...


Picture This
Contemporary - Short and hot with ideal bodies and mind blowing sex...

Plays Well With Others
Contemporary M/M/F/M/M - Not too deep, not too sweet, not too nasty...

Pool Boy Seduction
Contemporary M/M - Short, sweet, and hot...

Pool Hall Green
Contemporary M/M - Not too sweet. Interesting conflict....

Porn Interrupted
Contemporary - Valentine Super Short, Hot, a little emotionally off kilter...

Pretty Red Ribbon
Contemporary M/M - Great imagery and wonderfully imaginative scene...

Contemporary M/M - Kissing scenes are suburb...

Contemporary M/M BDSM - A stubborn sub-in-denial needs more than one push.


The Rebel Prince
Sci-fi - Entertaining twist and turns...

Ripping the Bodice
Contemporary - Over the top romance creates real life humor.

Running In Fear
Shifter - Caveman menage series.


The Satin Sash
Contemporary M/F/M - Manipulating the language to infer emotion...

Seducing Serena
Paranormal M/F/M/M - Never fully engaged...

Sexy Spring Surprise
Contemporary M/M - Anticipation is a great aphrodisiac...

Paranormal - Cuts you shallowly with a rusted serrated blade...

Paranormal - The culmination of light and dark; both in a post-apocalyptic world and in your heart.

Shifting Perspectives
Paranormal M/M - Say "Hi" to the dingo shifters and get a little curious...

Silver Kiss
Paranormal F/F - Easy read with light love scenes...

Sin on Skin
Contemporary BDSM M/F - Short, hot, dark and sweet...

Contemporary - Midrange Menage Erotica; steamy, sweet, and light.

Skin Trade
Paranormal Thriller - Serial killer love is just one level of creep...

Sly Spectral Trick
Contemporary M/M - Charming...

Someday This Pain Will Be Useful To You
Contemporary - 18: The summer of confusion at the crossroads of college and life.

Paranormal Romance - Steampunk Mystery...

Speak of the Devil
Paranormal - Funky Fresh Paranormal Urban Fantasy with a dash of Romance.

Spider's Bite
Paranormal - Mental dialogue sharp and smart...

Story of O
Classic BDSM - A scalding dunk into the extremes of submission...

Succubus Blues
Paranormal - The super villain is forged before our eyes....

Succubus Dreams
Paranormal - Experience the torture of eternity...

Succubus Heat
Paranormal - Vulnerability reins again....

Succubus on Top
Paranormal - Sex is there; but so is honesty, trust & heartbreak....

Succubus Shadows
Paranormal - Constant repetition of her immortal existence....

Sugar Rush
Contemporary - Tempered with enough candy coated sex to have you squirming...

Sweet Persuasion
Contemporary BDSM - Broken dreams and broken hearts...

Sweet Seduction
Contemporary M/F/M - Women seek to empower themselves...

Contemporary BDSM - you begin powerless and finish with all the power...


Table for Three
Contemporary M/F/M - Sweet atypical love stories...

Taming the Fire
Paranormal M/F & M/M - Sex is hot and unpredictable...

This Is What I Want
Contemporary - Suspense and anticipate play large roles in the build up of sexual tension...

Too Keen
Contemporary M/M - HEA wrapped in fluffy clouds with occasional lightning strikes of conflict...

Touch Me
Contemporary - Good life lessons learned through this story...

The Truth About Vampires
Paranormal - Alpha males abound! Classic themes and hardheaded actions/ reactions.


Paranormal - Many chains are unbound in this paranormal romance with classic tendencies...

Under The Law
Historical M/M - A sweet and predictable romance...

Unspoken Desires
Paranormal M/M/M - I'm always left wanting more...


Vampire Hookers (movie)
Paranormal - Too outrageous to be sublimated in to my subconscious...

Vampire's Tango
Paranormal - The language of the dance is carried throughout...

Contemporary M/M - Outside my cultural reference, no hearts and flowers here...

Virtually Hers
Spy Romance - Sexy mind games inside your head endanger more than your heart.

Virtually His
Spy Romance - Can you figure out who is the sexy rouge spy that controls you?


Water For Elephants
Fiction - Old age spurs reminiscing about youth and the circus...

Winning Angela
Contemporary BDSM M/F/M - She's in heaven, but are they in hell...


Zen and the Art of Vampires
Paranormal - The religion of ghosts and vampires heats the blood and confuses the heart.

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