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Escape & Abandoned

Running In Fear Series 1 & 2

by Trinity Blacio

Jaycee Manz has been on the run since her sixteenth birthday. Growing up fast, depending on no one, how is she supposed to handle three men who claim to be her mates? Can she learn to trust them or will she continue to run?

Jaycee Manz has finally found her mates. Among others of her kind, you would think she would be happy. But like everything else, achieving a dream often comes with a price. How can a person feel totally abandoned when surrounded twenty-four hours a day by her mates? Can she trust them not to rip out her heart?


• Feels like an outline with very limited development of events & relationships.

• Intense read - wish it was more in depth, would have really enamored me to the characters.

• As is, Dane's constant quickies drive me crazy.

• The fisting seems so out of place with no build up.

• The caveman attitudes are what ultimately had me setting down this series without moving on to the third book. I just couldn't stand watching Jaycee start to be strong and then turn into a weak wilted turnip once again. And the cavemen never learn.

• Its a good thing the character development wasn't intense or I would have been way more pissed than I was. You can label me "irritated/agitated". I skimmed the last few pages of book 2 to see if the plot developed in a direction I would like to follow. But ultimately I gave up.


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