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Every time I hear this song I think of this book! So, let's have a little mood music...

Spaceship by Puddle of Mudd

The Rebel Prince
by Nina Bruhns

She thinks he is simply out of this world.
Little does she know just how right she is…

Practical, sensible science teacher Serenity Woodson is on a mission to prove her beloved aunt Tildy’s new friend is not a prince from another galaxy, as he so boldly claims. I mean really. Extraterrestrials on earth? Please. The man is a con artist, plain and simple, out to steal Tildy’s priceless necklace. But what turns out to be far more alarming is what he actually does succeed in stealing–Seri’s heart.

The thing is, Seri is right. Adventurous Prince Carch Sunstryker’s mission is in fact to retrieve the precious necklace that his grandfather foolishly left in the care of an earth woman, and return it to his home planet. If he doesn’t succeed, his whole family will die. But when the necklace disappears for real, he and Seri are forced to work together to find it. And the closer they get, the more the earth moves for both of them….

COVER ART: Reminds me of Hans Solo and does a good job of making me think of outer space. Unfortunately a very small part of the story actually takes place there.


SEXUALITY: M/F, light & bright

REVIEW: A fun light read with entertaining twist and turns that have you constantly wondering if you have it figured out. Recommended for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Read an excerpt HERE.

I won this at the yahoo group Dangerous Women during the Danger! Women Writing celebration, Thank you!

I would also like to thank Art Mango for posting simple instructions on how to embed the unobtrusive audio player.

A simple explanation of my review guidelines can be found HERE.


Oh, I hate when the cover art does not match the complete story. Because looking at this one, you would think it would deal with outer space or something... A Sunday read huh... Well, great review hon!
Hope you have a great day!

LOL re the Hans Solo analogy...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and the linkage glad you enjoyed the read.

Happy New Year!

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