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by Mia Watts

When a screw-up by the Fullerton University Housing Office leaves Parker Galloway shacked up with four sexy men, Parker thinks four just might be her lucky number... as long as she can get Kei Yamamoto to join in the fun.

But will taking advantage of FU's mistake end up getting all five roomies kicked off campus, or will it be the closest thing to heaven Parker has ever experienced?
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  • Nice representation of characters and location, though I'm not quite sure what the designer has against Dan to cut his head off!
  • Typographic clues suggest college life, sweet.

  • M/M/M/F including slight M/M play
  • DP
  • Rape, attempted
  • M/F

  • Smokin' hot flirting and sexuality

  • Amazingly adorable scenes with Henry

  • Intimate scenes well detailed but a little quick for me... expected more hesitation

  • Surprised me with beautiful phrasing, whether crass or sweet

  • Cultural references added an unexpected layer to this love story

  • Certainly brought back to mind the stress of my college days

  • A quick hot, sweet read - I finished it within a day!

Read an excerpt HERE.

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Sweet daydreams...


Brought back memories of your stressful college days? Your college days must have been a lot more... scintillating... than were mine. ;)

LOL - I wish! I was engaged and in a long distance relationship....

Hiya SVZ, thank you for the review! Poor Dan's head. At least one of them made the cover art, even if hidden by BVDs. ;)

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Thanks so much for delving into my head. It's scary in here sometimes, so it is nice to have company! Don't step on the zephyr...

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