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Sugar Rush
by Lissa Matthews

Graham Hall is twenty-six and has a dream job as a travel writer. He's come to Colorado for work and a little personal down time. With his article done and the six-month lease up on the small cabin in the valley, he's stayed around until his next assignment. In a downtown Denver bar, Graham meets Edward and after a short conversation agrees to a blind date with Edward's business partner, Jane. After all, what could it hurt?

Jane is completely oblivious to the machinations of Edward and Graham and shows up at Graham's cabin to deliver a box of handmade chocolate truffles. From the minute Graham opens the door, Jane falls head over heels in lust. A plus size, mid-thirties woman, Jane isn't sure what Cowboy Surfer, as she's dubbed him, sees in her or why he's so tenacious in his pursuit and tries throwing him off at every turn.

The inability to say continue saying 'No' leads to hot, scorching sex and a lot of follow-up phone calls opening Jane's eyes to the realization that maybe life doesn’t have to revolve around chocolate truffles, but rather around a delicious, well traveled younger man.
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  • Love the font choice for the title, white outline makes it pop from the background
  • Background not overwhelming and relevant to the content
  • Inset romantic couple creates proper mood

  • M/F
  • M/M, voyeurism
  • Dub Con

  • Short and sweet at 101 pages!

  • Feel good read for any independent girl that likes chocolate, hunks, and has occasional bouts of low self esteem.

  • BBW theme:
    "When she looked at herself in the mirror, she saw average features and big: big hips, big ass, big boobs. She saw that she was not a size four or six or hell, even a twelve." pg 48

  • The "Dub Con" refers to a taste of caveman here and there.

  • Control is key. Mild BSDM undertones, more "obey me" type stuff... a little physical but nothing alarming.

  • Tempered with enough candy coated sex to have you squirming.

  • A good gay friend doesn't mind a little accidental voyeurism and pushes with pure intentions.

  • I liked this medium length story an look forward to reading more from Ms. Matthews.

This ebook was a gift for my birthday. :D Thanks again!

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Read a sentence from page 56 HERE.

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Sweet daydreams...


Girly parts. Eep!

Presents are so nice =)

Girly parts... LMBO!
This was a great read... and yeah... it had my girly parts on fire, lmbo!

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