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Mind Games

by Carolyn Crane

371 Page Mass Market Paperback, March 2010

Disillusionist Trilogy: Book 1
Justine Jones is a hopeless hypochondriac whose life is crippled by fear… until one day when a handsome, tortured mastermind named Packard peers into her soul and invites her to join his psychological hit squad.

Justine resists until she gets a taste of the peace Packard can promise. At first, Justine enjoys being part of the thrilling world of neurotic vigilantes who battle Midcity’s paranormal criminals. Things get complicated when she uncovers certain secrets… and falls for one of her most dangerous targets.
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by Gene Mollica
• I love original cover illustrations, good job Ms. Mollica.
• Aura matches perfectly with the content; murky, sexy, waiting.
• Did I miss the knife in the story? I must have missed the knife. *blush of shame*

• Highcaps - DNA mutation creating increase brain function and subsequent powers
• Disillusionists - Extreme manics addicted to zinging

• M/F
• F/F & F/F/M & Incest suggestions
• Tauntingly electric hidden kisses
• Sinister Sex *dum dum dummmmmm*

• Totally read this in ONE day. It was rainy, I was sick and this was the perfect complement to my mood. (This is my lame excuse for the brevity of this review. Fast reading = fast reviewing!)

• This book is sexy but sex is not the focus, instead it is integrated throughout the story and actually has a legitimate context!

• DO NOT read this if you are a hypochondriac or prone to worrying. Totally crazy intense detail on life threatening diseases.

• Um, WTF is up with the ants? EW! That is also as damaging to my psyche as the scene from Hannibal where the guy cuts his own face off to feed to his dogs.

• You have a very twisted mind Ms. Crane *See above bullet* but I find myself enjoying the ride.

• Oh, yeah. And there is a MORAL to the story. Wicked, right? I would liken it to old 80s sitcoms/children's shows or Jerry Springer. Somewhere in there.

• Carolyn Crane's blog is intermittent AND funny. (I'm not kidding, her sense of humor is off the hook!)


Read a Tuesday Teaser with a zing.

Read an excerpt from chapter 1 with an old enemy.


Plus she's a blast to hang out with. :)

I bet! And you would know :)

I LOVE Mind Games. And Double Cross: Wow!
Carolyn Crane is one evil master mind!

Sullivan - You speak truth.

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