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A sweet futuristic story of lost love fulfilled.

The Gala Lover
by Kara Wills

Aisia Alistare stands as the last hope for the survival of the human race. Her duty as Nyne is to bond and mate, but the only man she can see herself with was taken from her six years earlier by the gods’ revered warriors: The Gala.

Jericho Geordineous can’t believe his luck when his latest mission, to bring an assassin to justice, lands him in the same room as Aisia. For years he believed her dead after her planet was destroyed by the Nyne assassin. Unwilling to let her slip through his fingers again, he resolves to keep her bonding ceremony from taking place.

Jericho and Aisia reignite their lost love, but someone is keeping a close watch on the two. The Nyne assassin has one more family to destroy, leaving the human race unprotected from the gods.

Can the reunion of Jericho and Aisia withstand the powerful evil determined to ruin them both?
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by Steve Lenker, Mina Carter, and Winterheart Design
  • Something funky is going on with his arm.
  • Where's the package?
  • I know headless torsos are common, but this one is disconcerting.

  • gods
  • godessess
  • sorcerers
  • humans

  • M/F

  • A short romp into the future at 35 pages.

  • Love lost makes Aisia's duty all the more unbearable, a marriage of convenience to a man that stinks of evil.

  • The survival of humanity rests on her shoulders, and she struggles to bear the weight as it crushes her heart.

  • Served with the bitter taste of defeat is a tiny sliver of hope.

  • Doubts wither beneath secret trysts and love conquers all, with the highest of blessings.

  • Scenes of intimacy ache with longing and explode with passion.

  • This is a delightful story, a new strange world of sorcerers and warriors, and a sweet strong love to warm your heart.

I received this book through a contest on Happily Ever After Reviews. Thanks again!

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Sweet daydreams...


Something is very, very wrong with his arm.

Okay you are guys are killing me...
But I will agree that something is wrong with that cover!
Hugs my honey love!

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