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The Truth About Vampires

by Theresa Meyers

288 page Mass Market Paperback, Published March 2011

Sons of Midnight, Book 1 All her life Seattle reporter Kristin Reed sought her breakout story. She never thought she'd find it in the crimson lair of a real life creature of the night. Kristin never believed vampires existed—until with dark brooding eyes and a decadent chocolate scent, Dmitri Dionotte called out to her...

Dmitri and his clan's true nature was cloaked in secrecy until a warring vampire order threatened their existence. Kristin was just the woman he needed. She couldn't resist their story...or Dmitri. Her blood pulsed hot and furious when he touched her, and with his kiss, all logic fled. But each night she spent with her vampire lover brought her closer to death and destruction. A death not even an immortal could triumph over.
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• Classic feel for the Harlequin Nocturne line
• Would have liked the man to be a little darker to match the story
• The pose is very accurate, even the passion hazed look on her face
• Good placement of multiple logos without creating a confusing mess

• Vampires

• M/F
• Chocolate, sex, cinnamon, and sticky buns all wrapped into one!
• Stroke my fangs, baby!

• Reporter Protagonist (You know, like Superman)

Vampires used to live unseen among us, now they are being revealed to the world and you really think there isn't going to be pandemonium?! This is intense people. Vampire blood has healing abilities and there is a wicked black market a-brewing. Remind you of True Blood a little? <-- Not a jab, just a common plot thread in this sort of vampire world revelation.

Alpha males abound! This reporter doesn't know when to stop and gets herself in over her head. Classic themes and hardheaded actions/ reactions. Ends with a lot of story left to tell. Obvious opening for the next book in the series but I won't go looking for it.

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Hmm. She might've been inspired by Charlaine Harris...

Nah, had more to do with the fact that vampirism in the books are caused by a virus. A little is okay, too much, not so good!

Hmm... sounds like it might be a fun read for Voodoo Bride. I'll be stalking your blog for the hop thing

I have always loved books about vampires. I am a glutton for them.

koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

I have this and loved it! Just dropping by, I have this so don't enter me. Love the site! New follower

Dee - Thanks for following! :D This was a very hot/fun read for me too!

thanks for having such a great giveaway! sounds great. :) amazing_alex.0818ATyahooDOTcom

This comment has been removed by the author.

Great giveaway!


mmmmm nothing like hot vampires. Great prize!!

Toni - blogger not allowing me to sign in


I would love to read it- I can never get enough vampires.

sounds good to me rhonda rlrlaney@yahoo.com

Sounds like a great read! Please enter me!

mk261274 at gmail dot com

I'm a vamp addict

jennlovesed14 at gmail

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