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This review will be slightly spoiler-ish in the revelation of paranormal elements.

His Hearth
Warder Series, Book 1
by Mary Calmes
140 page ebook PDF

Julian Nash should be excited: he’s just earned a huge promotion at work and is going out to celebrate. But his happiness fades when he discovers his date cheating on him an hour before.

Suddenly alone when everyone knows he’s supposed to have a plus one, Julian is set for a long night until longtime acquaintance Ryan Dean bails him out of the embarrassing situation. During dinner, they discover they have more than just friendship between them: there is mutual admiration and heated attraction.

But getting to know Ryan better—and finding a place in his life—will bring Julian frightening surprises and paranormal danger he never expected or dreamed existed.
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• I didn't even realize that was a Katana on the cover until I looked really hard.
• Nice cityscape with generic men to suggest a vague setting.


• Sentinals
• Warders
• Demons
• Marketing Professionals (Hey, I'm one!)


• M/M
• Playful D/s
• Intense Kissing (AKA Cocktease)


Due to the nature of this plot, this review will be slightly spoiler-ish.

• The story begins as a love story. Cute with predictable twists and turns and only the tiniest hint of suggestion at the paranormal. Tiny! But midway it all flips. Ms. Calmes did a wonderful job telling us the story of the heart before the otherworldly stuff hits the fan. You are already devoted to the characters when the world tilts on its axis for Jules.

• At times I found myself getting confused by all the characters (especially at dinner), also sometimes I lost track of who was talking to who. Minor editing and flow details.

• A creative partnership that has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with marketing and advertising reeled me in. I love reading about the world I work in! Makes the story that much closer to my heart. The way Cash and Jules finish each other's sentences while pitching an idea... well, that is almost as exciting to read about as sex for me. The ultimate creative partnership!

• And as for the sex, well the foreplay is out of this world. Each little action and reaction spelled out so you can create the scenario in your mind and feel the breathlessness for yourself. Ms. Calmes does a suburb job of edging you. *wicked smile*

• The relationship moves at lighting speed but that is integral to the story line. I would have gotten sick of Ry's neediness REAL fast, but Jules is a much better man than I.

• Put Japanese swords in a storyline and I gobble it up. Yum.

• I was totally not expecting Ry to be the submissive one. He feels slightly bi-polar, his fighting self vs. his loving self.

• Jules, on the other hand, fits the role of large silent Dom perfectly. He's not too pushy but knows what he wants and he is so not arrogant.

• I kinda want to know more about the demons. I mean, they are ugly and apparently aggressive to warders, but what the heck is the threat? Guess I better read on in the series to figure that out.

• I totally want to know more about Miles. (In a convoluted way, that is why I am reading this book. I won Tooth & Nail, which is Malic's story. But it was recommended to me that I read this book first to get my head into the world. Thanks Chris!)

First and second kisses.
He was messing with me, I thought, a second before he stepped forward and wedged his thigh against my groin. Hand on the back of my neck, he pulled me close.

I slowly parted my lips, and Ryan’s mouth was on mine, his tongue darting inside, the kiss hard and urgent. His hands were on my face, making sure I didn’t move.

He had no idea about what kissing could be, how hot and consuming. I changed my stance, straightened, and decided to show him what he was missing.

I tipped his head back, stilling him completely under my hands before I exhaled. He shivered just once before I sealed my lips down over his...

The second kiss was even better than the first. His lips parted instantly as he submitted to me. I put my hands on his face, my mouth slanting over his, kissing him thoroughly, deeply, making sure I didn’t miss anything...

I kissed him until I heard the sweet whimper I was after, the telltale sound of surrender.

pg. 36 and 37

Read a sentence from page 56 with uncomfortable furniture.

Read a hormonal excerpt HERE.

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You are welcome! I think this book would be confusing without having read the first book. Yes?

Okay, this sounds great. I'll make sure I read them in hour. I love the big teasing kiss thing. Nice review.

Note: This is the first book and I have suggested that Chris have some more coffee. ;)

Sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out (and the sequel as well). :)

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