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Hearts Afire February

The Jealousy Plot by Jolie Cane: For as long as she can remember, Callie has been in love with her next-door neighbor Trey, a firefighter on the Oceanside Fire Department, but he has never seen her as anything more than a good friend, a pal.

Captive Flame by Rhiannon Leith: As a djinn, a being formed of fire, Adara has spent centuries enslaved to the human Magi, passed from one to another, made to do their bidding. She yearns for freedom. She yearns for love.

My review guidelines can be found HERE.

• Firemen
• Djinn

• M/F
• Hidden boxes of naughty books and toys.
• Bondage, Dominance and submission
• Sex so good you burn holes in your sheets.

The Jealousy Plot by Jolie Cain
• The first story in the anthology is a contemporary romance and lighthearted to start. Then issues of the heart get very serious very quickly.
• Classic bad boy Ben agrees to a hair-brained scheme with sweet librarian Callie.
• He sticks to the typical bad boy code, pushing her the way he wants things to go, justifying his actions against her wishes BUT his sense of honor still shines through. He is sweet at times and thoughtful too. And when he figures out he is in love... well, he doesn't rant and rave. He embraces it with a smile. Wicked!

Captive Flame by Rhiannon Leith
• This second story in the anthology is darker than the first. A nice contrast with paranormal elements revealed in an unaware modern day world.
• Peter is our firefighter hero and Adara is the fire he fights. He's put on leave for stress and becomes embroiled in a arson's plot.
• Beautiful Adara entices him with her innocence but he senses the power inside her and steps cautiously. This is a huge bonus in the story for me, no blind love here. There is also a strong element of Master and slave that plays into the paranormal. Quick and hot, hot, hot!

Read an Jealousy Plot excerpt HERE.

Read a Tuesday Teaser from Captive Flame HERE.

I received this book through the Labor Day Blog Hop from Jolie Cane. Thanks again!

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Sounds like a good little duo. I've read a few of the m/m Hearts Afire and enjoyed them all. But I'm finding I'm a bit of a sucker for a fireman. :-)

Hello Miss Sweet. Just passing through with a view to kicking your ass, just so you'll get on and finish some of those half written projects of yours.

Hello Mister Valance. And I do believe I shall let that snake lie... unless you can catch me, of course.

Hmm, I'm sorely tempted.

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