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How to Tame a Modern Rogue
by Diana Holquist

Commitment-phobic Sam Carson has only dated model-gorgeous women. But one stolen kiss from a plain-Jane schoolteacher and he's hell-bent on stripping away her floral dresses and teaching her the art of being bad. If only her good-girl ways didn't make him want to be a better man...

Ally Giordano is at the end of her rope. Her beloved grandmother actually believes that she's living in her favorite romance novel in Regency England and Ally doesn't have the heart to set her straight.

But now Granny Donny's last wish is for a retreat to the country and Ally Can't refuse her... until she demands that Sam accompany them. And though his smiles turn her knees to jelly, Ally knows better than to trust a playboy... and she definitely knows better than to try to change one. Or does she?

Cover Art: Generic, Playful, Unrelated to the story line - There should be soccer or regency dresses or a carriage on there somewhere!*

Sexuality: M/F, Role playing, Hot but not smutty

Paranormality: Does not apply

This story addressed issues close to my heart.
Caring for aging family (Just what am I going to do when Mom & Dad can't take care of themselves anymore?)
Finding your life direction (Where did I leave my compass?)
Expanding your horizons past your comfort levels (Worryworts Inc. - That's me!)
Going for what you want with grace & style (I try, I really do...)

Not so much a story about good and bad but the question of just "Who is the rogue?".

I enjoyed the Regency era references within the modern day romance. Reminds me of when I was totally addicted to historical romances & would create costumes and fantasies...

The characters felt real to me. The mystery of Mateo, the fleeting sanity of Granny Donny, the frivolity of Sam, the despair of Ally, the ire of Sam's Bellman (I can't remember his name... M-something), and the friendship of June. These all were true emotions to me, I allowed myself to be carried away and it was a wonderful adventure - ball and all!

I recommend this as a quick light read. I won this book from Park-Avenue Princess - Thank you!

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* I'm a graphic artist. We are trained to be vicious bloodsucking weapons of truth, hence the "rough" critiques/reviews. It's not that I don't like this novel. Simply, everything can be better. And examining what could be polished allows me to learn and better MY skills.


I have this book, and am to read it for the Fall Challenge. It looks good. Thanks for the good review!

Nice honest review! What more can you say! I have this book too... I think... The TBR pile screams at me everyday!!!
Easy, light read... just perfect for a Sunday afternoon!
Thanks for your thoughts!!
Hope you had a great night!

"carried away ... wonderful adventure," thats recommendation enough for me. Sounds like a good holiday read!

I'm waiting for this one to come in the mail - sounds good!

I really enjoyed this one, too! It was a delightful surprise.

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