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I succeeded in (re)reading the entire 19 book series!
Below are my overall thoughts.

As a review of the entire series to date,
This post will contain spoilers. Please be aware.

Paranormal Erotic Thriller

• The paranormal aspect is consistent and Hamilton's character development is intricate. Interaction between personalities is highly entertaining.

• The erotic aspect is practically non-existent in the beginning. As the series progresses so does the sex, all the way into seriously kinky.

• The thriller aspect can be anticipated throughout the entire series but the blood and gore get exponentially worse midway. Don't imagine the details too hard in those books.

I want more relationship stuff.

• We rush rush rush with the fast paced action to get to ... what? A quick synopsis lacking all the indepth details I crave?

• I want all the every day stuff. The first 400ish pages are all anticipation and build up for the climax (which is all well and good for me) but the climax is quick and hard. I'm left gasping at the end with no one to cuddle with!

• Cuddle with me Ms. Hamilton. Show me the gentle aftermath with as much detail as the foreplay.

Plots lines that keep me coming back:

Olaf - Very disturbing and dangerous. Not sure which way he is going to go.

Nathaniel - Lots of potential. I'm enjoying watching his character develop and push Anita.

• Magic - Anita is just starting to formally train her powers with Marianne.

Kitty and puppy piles!

Plots lines that make me cringe:

Thick Skulls - Anita will learn something, and then forget it, and then have to learn it all over again.

Prudishness - What the hell is that stick up Anita's butt made out of? Ironwood? Get over it already and enjoy the harem.

Feels like a TV drama, nothing seems to get resolved!

I will certainly be picking up the next book in this series. But I will not be holding my breath, or keeping my eyes peeled. When it comes, it comes.

For now, I will stay away from the Meredith Gentry series. If Ms. Hamilton's writing style is consistent across the series', then it will just be more of the same anticipation without gratification. I can only take so much teasing!

Premonitions of things to come:
(There is no evidence whatsoever that these things will ever come to pass in the future of the series. They are simple creations of my imagination.)
• Anita gives in and lets her harem indulge in all their m/m and orgy fantasies, including her.
• Baby time.
• Olaf in Anita's bed.
• There is a betrayer in our midst.
• Anita becomes ruler of all, undead - dead - and living.

Book Recommendations:

Just want a taste: Flirt offers all of the key elements of the series in a short form, allowing a new reader to determine if Anita Blake is their cup of tea.

Kinky alert: Narcissus in Chains is when the eroticism gets heavy. Even though there have been explicit sexual situations in past books; I deem this book, not the crest of the sexual wave, but certainly deep churning waters.

Gruesome and horrifying: The child abuse is a kick in the face in Obsidian Butterfly. But the straight up gore of Cerulean Sins will keep you up at night. There two are a tie for the most graphic.

My overall favorite:
The Harlequin shows Anita in a place of power and making smart decisions with her world threatening to fall around her. We see glimpses of potential happiness in her life and a sort of settling or acceptance of what she is and what she has.

Series List linked to my reviews:
Guilty Pleasures

A fast and dirty read, also reviewed in Graphic Novel format.
The Laughing Corpse

Zoom, Zoom, finish one catastrophe and another follows.
Circus of the Damned

An action packed Halloween adventure!
The Lunatic Cafe

Wereanimal politics suck Anita deep into the local werewolf pack.
Bloody Bones

A super bad guy appears paired with super gruesome crimes.
The Killing Dance

What the werewolves call sex & battles of succession.
Burnt Offerings

Very intense intertwining plot lines.

Blue Moon

Shifters, love, and crime.
Obsidian Butterfly

Non-stop horrific thrill ride.
Narcissus in Chains

Another fast paced horror adventure with a BDSM taint.
Cerulean Sins

Anita's harem of men are starting to get sick of her denial.
Incubus Dreams

I'm lost in a maze of plot twists.

Short and sweet erotic.
Dance Macabre

Master vampire friends' machinations dim in the darkness of Mommy Dearest's curiosity.
The Harlequin

Anita takes on her inner demons.
Blood Noir

Flying home to meet the folks goes from orgy to torturous mess.
Skin Trade

Serial killer love is just one level of creep.

Flirt with danger and become a slave to the Mistress.

Mamma's devious tricks wreck havoc on Anita's attempt at normalcy.


Read them all. I would like a Harem please! Have you read her Fairy series?

Kracken - I totally want my own harem too. Want to go in on one together?

Congrats on completing the challenge! :)

Lalalalalalalala, I can't read you.

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