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Miss Sweet's Wild West Series:

(Miss Sweet also comments in character at The Porch with Mister Valance & Miss Houston.)

An Introduction to Miss Sweet and her Western Saloon leads to...

Memories of the past:
Miss Sweet's Childhood
• Her Pa's Recollections
• The Hearts She Broke

Wandering looses its glory:
Sow her wild oats
Settlin' Down with a Bitch and a Cowboy
• An Introduction to Town

Meanwhile, the heart she broke:
• Sulks in his beer
• Has a run in with her wild oats
• And ends up kidnapped by scoundrels
• And taunted with death.
• Contemplating his last meal
• He easily escapes with a new goal

A quick break to meet the family:
• Hello Mama Sweet

Then Grumpy Gus continues on his trek:
• Hunting Ghosts of his Sweet Pea
• Eventually ENDS up at Miss Sweet's Saloon
Blind to the truth in front of him
• And fightin' mad

Mistress Sweet's Contemporary Series:

(Consolidated from serial format into 5 distinct sections/chapters.)

Murderer's Bar - Miss Sweet steps out and asks Murderer to watch the bar for her.
Cecile's Visit - Cecile visits the bar and spies a tasty treat behind the counter.
Sexy's Version - The bartender tells his version of events with Cecile.
Sweet's Voyeurism - Miss Sweet watches over Cecile's playtime.
Pixie's Story - Pixie reveals her scary history.

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