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Miss Sweet is the owner of a cozy saloon and a broken heart. Below is her story.

Miss Sweet's Saloon Part XVIII - Fist or Cuffs

Briefly, time stood still as she watched her past collide with her chosen path in a bloody brawl: her traveling companion Jake and the obtuse cowboy both at odds in her heart as well as her bar.

With Jake's wide back blocking her view, Miss Sweet couldn't tell if the ghost from her past was quaking in his boots or thirsty for blood. She also couldn't decide which she would prefer. Thoughts flew through her head like a band of wild horses, trampling both her lust and tears.

As the stalemate ripened in front of her, a snort drew her attention to the bar and one sorry looking cowboy lounging in the dark corner observing the drama. Was that a smirk on his battered and bruised mug? Ire pushed out her shock. She was surrounded by arrogant cockstrutting cowboys!

Just as the boot shuffling and predatory circling started, she whipped out her trusty pistol and silently thanked ol' Mister Valance for losing his belt buckle for the good of her pantaloon holster!

Steppin' between the two red faced men, she brandished the gun in the air.

The obtuse cowboy sputtered something of the likes, "What in the darn 'ell you think your doing?!" which was just enough distraction for Jake to come in from the side and lay him out flat with one solid punch to the jaw.

In fact, the hit spun him on his high heel boots and landed him face down next to the bar.

But even though the stranger didn't know what hit him, he was back up in less than a minute glaring through squinty eyes and trembling with rage.

Miss Sweet took the time to spread her feet and settle into a nice solid stance before leveling her shiny metal barrel directly at his chest.

"I'll thank you kindly to leave my virtue to my own discretion, sir." Her smile was at odds with the threat between her palms as she recalled the very first time she said those words to this man.

Would his memory spark too?

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'Old' Mister Valance sits open-mouthed at what he's just witnessed.

'A fine woman' he thinks, as he admires Miss Sweet's solid stance.

Gotta get old sometime, Mister Valance. *wink*

I tell myself the same thing, but getting hold always lands me trouble.

Darn it Miss Sweet, I miss you not being around.

I am so behind... It was nice getting a big part of the story all at once. Miss this damn watering hole. Think i need a drink.

how the hell have you been?

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