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Welcome to Saturday Serials

You may remember Mistress Sweet from past Saturday Serials as the protective Dominatrix.
But at Mister Valance's Porch she's Miss Sweet, owner of a cozy saloon and a broken heart. Below is her story.

Saturday Serial - Miss Sweet's Saloon Part VII

Miss Sweet isn't one to shy away from a challenge and seein' the faith Jake had in her to make their way in this new town, well that just strengthened her resolve. She WOULD be the leader of their tiny pack. Jake and the pups were her's now; her responsibility, her family, her home.

Revising her plan of action, she admitted to herself that no one would give a lone female the respect and authority she needed to lay claim to this here abandoned Saloon. Time for Jake to make good on his promise and play the role of leading man to this stereotypical male chauvinist western town.

With a flourish she unrolled their finest conniving clothes; layers of lace and petticoats for her and wool and satin suiting for him. They donned the finery with meticulous care making sure to appear of the mildly wealthy class. An air of superiority settled around their shoulders like a cloak as they donned the irreverent arrogance of wealth inherited. Anticipation glinted in both their eyes as they surveyed the results of their transformation and secured their meager belongs next to the bitch and her pups.

Miss Sweet mounted her prized stallion and Jake lead them by the reins into the heart of town.

What a sight they made; money perched upon money lead by the money man himself. The children were the first to approach, running circles around them and sprinting into town to tell their friends. Soon heads peeped out of windows and porches filled with bodies as the lurkers turned into gawkers and gossip spread faster than they could walk.

She feared their slow and purposeful parade was a bluff just about to be called when the Sheriff rode up to greet them. Let the twisting of truth begin.

"'Morning folks." He tipped his hat to Miss Sweet and turned his attention to Jake. "What brings you to our town?" His eyes are keen as he assesses their horseflesh, clothes and demeanor. "You lookin' to settle?"

Jake tips back his hat to gaze up at the mounted sheriff, the perfect amount of anxiety and excitement in his voice as he answers, "I believe so. Yessir. An adventure is what we set out for and I do believe we have found it here." Restrained enthusiasm pulsed beneath his skin as Jake looked adoringly up at Miss Sweet on her horse. She simpered sweetly in response, ducking her head and faking a lovely blush.

The Sheriff barely restrained his gauwf and Miss Sweet hid her smile behind a gloved hand. Their lovestruck adventuring rang frivolous to his ears as well? All the better to strengthen their plan to make an ill advised purchase of the run down Saloon. Young and in love with money to burn, who would begrudge them the safe little thrill of serving the locals music and drink? It's not like they were riff raft, there to badly influence the townsfolk. Nope, just too well off to know better and looking to play in the wild west.

With an unintelligible grumble, the Sheriff cleared his throat. "Well, let me be the first to welcome you to our town. An adventure, you say?"

Jake played up the haughtiness in his tone to compliment the excitement plastered on his face, the voice of young enthusiastic surety. "The abandoned Saloon on the outskirts of town has caught my eye. You, by chance, know who holds the deed?"

Suspicion clouded the Sheriff's eyes, "And for what reason would a nice young couple like yourself be wantin' to have anything to do with the ruckus of a Saloon?"

Here was Jake's time to shine. It was up to him to convince the Sheriff we were good people, god-fearin' and family-lovin'. With a glinting grin of pearly whites, Jake leaned into the Sheriff with a conspiratorial whisper, "Well out in the big cities, I've seen the most glorious of Saloons. Why! You wouldn't even call the Saloons 'cept they aint got no other fancy name for 'em. But the thing is, these establishments are no dirty shack. Nosir. Ain't no harlots temptin' a man to shun his vows. Just a lively piano and a steady flow of booze. Easy. And I'm thinkin' this town just might like a dash of easy. Least I'm hopin' so!"

After a moment to absorb that rousin' speach, the Sheriff shook his head and pointed off to the left of main street. "That there is the bank, and it be the owner of that run down shack you got such high hopes fer. Best 'a luck to ya and welcome to Blogsville."

"Thank you kindly!" Jake called after the Sheriff. With a quick wink to Miss Sweet he walked them 200 paces over to the bank and their new life.

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Interesting twist a little Robitussin will put on my writing skills...

Howdy Miss Sweet. Smooth talking fella that Jake. Must be those conniving clothes. (I'll have to get some.) Robitussin, huh? I hear that's for bad chests. Ain't nothing wrong with yours, Miss Sweet. Any chance of a little credit for a regular customer?

Well Welcome Mister Valance. Nice to see you 'round.

Now I'm not sure about any credit.

It's not that I don't think you're good fer it... *cough* but I'd a reckon a whippin' would come down on the both of us in the shape of an Irish storm.

So I'm just gonna get have Jake get u some water from the well. Nice and crystal clear, but be sure to sip it...

Well, would you look at how lovely that moon shines tonight?

No credit, huh? S’ok, I get it. That storm’s been following me around so much lately that I’ve taken to singing Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head.

Water, huh? Well, never mind. Maybe I ain’t thirsty after all.

What’s that… the moon? Yup, I guess so.

*long pitiful sigh*

So long Miss Sweet. Be seeing you.

*Shuffles off*

*She shakes her head at Valance's retreating back.*

Jake, cut that shine with some cider and slide it over here.

*The bartender nods and preps the sweetened shot, following it down the bar and to her side.*

Looks like we ain't got no company and I'm feelin' a might lonely after that sad show.

*She bats her eyelashes and he smiles wide, familiar with what comes next.

Miss Sweet tips the small glass into her mouth and rolls it around her tongue as Jake leans in and sips the tingling liquor from between her lips.

Tongues twine and breaths mingle as the shot is shared between the two lovers.*

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