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You may remember Mistress Sweet from past Saturday Serials as the protective Dominatrix.
But at Mister Valance's Porch she's Miss Sweet, owner of a cozy saloon and a broken heart. Below is her story.

Miss Sweet's Saloon - The Fifth

So ended the childhood of a girl and began the wandering of a woman.

Pa didn't put up much of a fight when she saddled her favorite steed with bags, blankets and water. Determination glinted in her steely gray eyes, or perhaps those were tears. Either way, he figured it were time for her to go.

His girl couldn't be expected to stay in one place forever. She had wild blood. He might not be able to forgive her ma for leaving him, but he had made peace with his Sweet Pea's inevitable departure long ago. It was just the way of it. She needed to wander. And if it helped her see the true needs of her heart… Well, then he would be right here waiting when she was ready to hear the full truth of it. 'Cause those darling ears of hers were so stuffed full of cottoned confusion, that she weren't hearing nothing but what was already in her head.

So, he would stay put. Settled on the ranch with the horses. And be a solid rock in her sifting sands. And maybe one day both his girls would come back to him.

Shoulder's tight and heart guarded, Miss Sweet hugged her Pa farewell and rode off. She stopped only once to glance back at the ranch just starting to be enveloped by the horizon.

Squinting she could make out the silhouette of her Pa against the sunrise and turned away as a horse and rider galloped up to his side. Her naive young cowboy, she would bet. Her self shredded heart aching, she cantered away. Time to traverse the path from child to woman and ante up to just what kinda person she wanted to be.

That path was surely an adventure.

Miss Sweet learned real quick the wiles of woman proved more successful than the brute strength of a ruffian. With a wink and a smile she traded on her horsemanship skills for the teachings of a large hearted scoundrel. He showed her the glory of the gun and the satisfaction of good business. She grew to respect him for his conniving mind and his hardened heart that she was able to carve a niche into. Without words, he knew she were a different kinda woman but the judgement just didn't 'er come. Course, it's kinda hard for a murderous, lying thief to call names with any kinda weight.

They wandered together for quite a few years, random ruffians accompanying them at times, the numbers of their group rising and falling like the sun. He warmed the icy cage around her heart, and her bed as well. No matter how many bodies she invited under her sheets that night, his was always the one at her back.

Her spirit guide, he watched as she explored all the possibilities of what kind of woman she could be. He fed her voracious appetite for knowledge and sex, nourished her body and mind, and armed her for the day when they would split ways.

The time came when his pure blood wanderlust split their paths.

They traveled through a small town and spent the night in a closed up and rundown saloon. Their group of castoffs was small that night, with only 5 wandering souls accompanying them.

Settling inside, they were not so lucky as discover abandoned bottles of booze but there was plenty of space to rest and play. They entertained themselves with a dusty old piano, dancing on the rickety bar and just generally causing a ruckus.

'Course it were obvious to the townsfolk someone were in the abandoned building that night but it weren't so obvious to the rag tag band of wanderers that they weren't the only ones claiming that bar for shelter.

Halfway through the night, when most of the group were huddled together in a seven foot wide dog pile of sleeping bodies, a small noise brought Miss Sweet's head up. Extracting herself from the warm mass, she investigated only to find a nursing bitch and two pups.

Odd the way the mind works. You wouldn't think such a common thing would detour a wandering path. But the next morning Miss Sweet found herself reluctant to go. Sensing her hesitation, her mentor gave her a cocky half grin and didn't say another thing. No words were needed. This is where their paths would split. No hard feelings. Weren't really an abandonment, just a change in course.

Once the whole of the group got wind of the division of territory a lively conversation ensued. Wanders wandered, and not many were inclined to stay with her but one quiet man laid his pack down on the piano and reclined against the keys. At her questioning look, he shrugged and said, "It looks to me like if in your gonna settle into a town for a while, you just might be needing a man to keep up appearances." She smiled wryly at the truth of it.

And just like that, the hard hearted scoundrel that had been her partner and guide for years kissed her quick and fierce and rode off on her favorite stallion, which she didn't notice until way past noon. Scoundrel is right! Course, she chased him down that night and silently switched out her stallion for the mare she had been riding and left him to his wandering with her blessings.

And that, my dear friends, is how Miss Sweet's Saloon came to be… at least here in Wild West Blogsville, that is.

What? You think I left out some parts. *snort* Guess you're gonna have to ask then, and perchance I might tell ya or not. *wink*

Did you miss the beginning of this wandering wild west story?
Part I starts in Miss Sweet's Saloon with Part II proceeding on with the reminiscing.
Part III gives a father's point of view of heartbreak and Part IV is Sweet's version of the breaking.


I really like this! Especially this line:
"And just like that, the hard hearted scoundrel that had been her partner and guide for years kissed her quick and fierce and rode off on her favorite stallion, which she didn't notice until way past noon."

Fascinating story, Miss Sweet. Sure, you circled around some parts, but I reckon you're entitled to keep those things private. A girl's gotta have some mystique, and you gotta whole bodiceful.

Make mine a whiskey.

Slides a fresh glass down the bar to Valance.

What happened to the puppies and the man?

Ah, Miss Kracken... you won't let me slide. I shall tell you of my transformation from wandering gypsy to raucous barmaid in this little town of blogsville.... on Saturday! You are a beautiful muse!

Does this mean there could me more, Miss Sweet?

(Well done April)

I'd like to ask a question, too. That must be the biggest saloon in Blogsville. Is Miss Sweet still running it?

She sure is, Mister Valance. She pretty much dug in her roots. Seems she got quite a bit of the wanderin' out of her blood over those formative years.

Miss Sweet's Saloon sure do look large an imposin' but being on the edge of town its usually shunned in preference to Cordilia's place where She offers lots of ways to distract you from your troubles *eyebrow waggle*

But Cordilia's ain't matter much to Miss Sweet. A certain kinda clientele patronize Miss Sweet's Saloon where there ain't nothing to distract a man from his worries other than the occasional piano player. Sure she does have quite a bit of space up top of the bar, but she tends to fill it up with strays she takes a shine too... like those pups and the young man that stayed behind.

And sure as shit, you got my memories going. Yup. There's gonna be more and ya don't got long to wait. I reckon around about 8 am in the morrow morning or so you'll get to hear a bit more about Miss Sweet's Saloon & Strays.


Sounds good, Miss Sweet. Course I only go to The Parlor to be sociable, and talk to my old friend Cordelia, but my drinking I'll do anywhere. Piano player, you say? Hmm, I'll have to mosey up your end of the street sometime.

Damn that, Miss Cordelia, shes got nothing to offer me. I would much rather have the good company over here with you Miss Sweet.

Valance, I'm pretty sure we all know what goes on at Cordelia's place...

"to be sociable, and talk to my old friend Cordelia"


Yeah we believe that one

*Narrows his eyes at disbelieving Brandi*

Well, it's the truth. We do talk, and we share a cigarette after.

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