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Today we continue with Part V of "My Pet, Murderer"

Based on the comments during theThrilling & Threatening Contest Bar on June 24th.
I've done the polishing, but my followers helped create the story. Thanks guys!

As the liquor began to flow, the tension in the bar dropped even more. The threat of violence was only a twinkle in Miss Sweet's eye.

Cecile finally deemed it safe to reenter the bar and strolled up to the counter and Miss Sweet who was still viciously crushing ice for more margaritas.

"Damn. I know we like our men dangerous but trying to kill me is another thing all together." Cecile leaned against the polished hardwood in a painfully forced attempt at nonchalance. Her body almost vibrated with caution, or was it adrenaline?

Miss Sweet gave her a knowing smile. "His leash is on, Cecile darlink. His muzzle, well, that is another story." She threw Murderer a warning glance. "If he wants to live to spend that paycheck, he will behave."

Another harsh laugh came from the corner booth Murderer was lounging in, boots propped on a stool, knife carving designs in the hardwood table.

He yelled over to the bar, "Hey Mistress," and grinned when Miss Sweet flinched at the nickname. "Wanna crush my ice? I'm in the mood for a margarita too."

Waving a hand in his direction, she grumbled to herself. "Carving my tabletops is barely behaving. I should have left his ass in that sling over at Dante's. Too bad he's such a devilishly good—" Turning on the blender she seemed to smile to herself.

Intrigued by Miss Sweet's mumbling and Murderer's "Mistress" taunt, Cecile slid into the booth across the curve from him. Not too close.

Deciding to do a little taunting herself, she propped her 5 inch purple heels up on the table and pushed her skirt up a bit at the slit. Taking her knife out the holder, the one that fits snug on her inner thigh, she started cleaning her finger nails.

Thirty-seconds into the display she could feel the weight of his attention shift from the scarification of the table top to her. "What, Murderer? Never seen a woman do it too." It was a statement, not a question.

"You know, if you look closely enough, some of your toys are already strapped to my thigh. I own my own." She smiled a decidedly evil grin and watched Murderer's eyes light up with interest.

Miss Sweet intervened. Trailing her purple nails over Cecile's matching pumps, she murmured "You're flashing your satin, Cecile." and leaned in between both sets of feet scuffing the table to place another fruity umbrella drink in front of Cecile and an equally as froo-froo looking margarita at Murderer's elbow.

"Murderer, darlkink. Be kind to the table, you don't want to get splinters in your tight little ass later."

With a flip of his wrist, the tip of his knife deflowered the emasculating margarita garnish. The tiny paper umbrella landed on the table between them all, pink and perky and completely unaware of the tension coiling tightly around the animate objects in the room.

"You know, if it comes to that Mistress, a lot more than your table will be showing signs of a fight." He slid the knife back into his pocket and began spinning his glass.

After a moment he met her gaze with a deceptively sweet smile. "But that's what you're hoping for, now. Isn't it?"

Miss Sweet didn't get the chance to respond to Murderer's saccharine challenge. Cecile fought the urge to stake her own claim on Miss Sweet, and lost that internal struggle.

Come back next Saturday, the 16th for Part VI when Cecile tries to stake her claim...

Have a great weekend!


You know I love this story! I love those purple......
Have a great weekend honey!! Hugs to you!

Sheesh, I hope Cecile doesn't twist an ankle in those heels. Some extreme naughtiness being suggested here. Can't wait to find out more.

Great installment. Can't wait to read the continuation. :)

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