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Welcome to Saturday Serials

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Today we continue with Part IV of "My Pet, Murderer"

Based on the comments during theThrilling & Threatening Contest Bar on June 24th.
I've done the polishing, but my followers helped create the story. Thanks guys!

"You trusted me to watch the bar, and here I am. Clean hands and all. See, no blood."

Murderer's comment was meant to draw Miss Sweet's attention to his finger and its precariously close placement to her breast. Her eyes flickered downward.

His breath whispered against her face as he quietly asked "Have I violated that trust?"

She was strongly aware of all eyes in the bar focused on them and the rare chance she had to put him off his game, especially since he was messing with hers. This sudden bout of sexual tension had her torn between a seductive "here kitty, kitty" or pulling this savage tiger's tail.

She decided to reply in a soothing whisper, "Violation? Not yet..." and then grabbed the shirt under her still pointing finger to pull him in for a scorching kiss.

Breaking it off after only a short few teasing seconds, she whirled away and stalked behind the bar. Careful to keep her smirk out of Murderer's line of vision, she allowed herself only a few brief seconds of gloating.

With an icy smile she turned and made eye contact as she taunted him further, "But now, I am done with you, MISTER Murderer. Thank you for your services. The check is in the mail."

10 long seconds he looked stunned, crimson slashed across his mouth and lust shining in his eyes.

The bar patrons held their breath, waiting for his rage to erupt. Instead, he released a deep harsh laugh and pulled a pristine white handkerchief out of his pocket to wipe his mouth.

"It was my pleasure, Miss Sweet. But I do believe I will stay for a while."

It was his turn to gloat at her shocked expression as he slid into a corner booth with a view of the door and the crowd.

Across the bar the crowd was starting to loosen up as the tension dropped down a few notches. Lily caught Miss Sweet's eye and ordered a drink.

"Hmm, now that the bartender is looking sexy and not like he's about to chop someone's head off... Can I have a Margarita? It's 5 o'clock somewhere and it's my day off."

Her good humor, as she settled back into her seat next to Chris, seemed to trigger Miss Sweet’s as well. The bar owner grinned an overly vicious smile as she turned on the blender and crushed fresh ice.

“Coming right up, Lily!”

Despite the exuberant charade, she wasn't concentrating on the frosty tropical drink at all. Her attention was focused on the tiger in the corner, 2 yards back and to her right.

Come back next Saturday, the 9th for Part V when things really heat up...

Have a great weekend!


Oh my. Lily and her margaritas. :-)

I love your story.

OH myyyyyyyyy... Love it honey!
I hope you had a great weekend!!!

I definitely need that Margarita!! Can I have a few more please? ;)

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