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Welcome to Saturday Serials

Today we start with Part I of "My Pet, Murderer"

Based on the comments during the Thrilling & Threatening Contest Bar on June 24th.
I've done the polishing, but my followers helped create the story. Thanks guys!

Keys jangling, Murderer opened up Sweet's Bar for business. Not his usual gig, that's for sure. He preferred dark, dank and dangerous. Glancing around he supposed there were a few dark corners, and perhaps it was a bit dank back by the john. Dangerous, guess that was where he came in.

He slid the keys into his pocket and moved over to the bar. Sweet had already prepped for the day, he just needed to handle whoever walked through the door. Still in his work clothes, he hadn't given himself enough time to change into a set of shirts. Actually, Dante hadn't given him enough time. Murderer had planned on finishing him off late last night. Unfortunately, that cannibalistic piece of work had forced him to extend his timeline and cut it close with Sweet's favor.

Glancing down at his graffitied tee, he swiftly buttoned up his long sleeve and rolled up the cuffs. A nice scrub in the bar sink would get rid of the blood under his nails and clean up his cuticles all at the same time. Presentable, at the least.

While grooming, he heard the bar bell clink as the front door opened. He turned around to find two women standing at the far end of the bar, reading the Specials board. Sweet had left her regulars a message in curling pink chalk.

"Murderer will be your sexy bartender today, while I am out of town. Be good for the nice man."

Her signature was signed in a slash across the bottom, the tail of the S cutting across to crucify the T.

Turning from the chalkboard, Chris leaned into Lily and remarked, "Hmmm. He doesn't look nice at all, actually."

Lily blanched a pale shade of yellowish pink and murmured in response, "I think I'll pass on ordering anything today."

Her smile was forced as she tugged on Chris's hand and lead them to a booth as far away from the bar, and Murderer, as physically possible.

Rue tightened his grin, he was used to being feared but usually after he had done something to deserve it.

Murderer finished drying his hands on the bar towel and turned to fully face them. Their whispering predictably stopped, but Chris's comment still rung in his ears. He didn't look nice? Well then, he shouldn't act nice either. Wouldn't want to rock their safe little world with contradictions.

Time to add the danger.


Come back next Saturday, the 18th for Part II...

Have a great weekend!


Eeek! I'm skeered of that picture!

Oops!! Chris, we should have left while we had the chance! 0_0

OMG, I fear for Chris and Lily. Can't wait to see what happens next.

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