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Thrilling Thursday at Sweet's Reading and Contest Bar

Murderer is our sexy bartender today, while I am out of town. Be good for the nice man.
BTW - He is also a comic book character. Visit him HERE.
Discovered at Deviantart, Illustrated by Hideki

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Martin and the Wolf by Anne Brooke
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Hmm. He doesn't look nice at all, actually.

I think I'll pass on ordering anything today. :)

**backing up slowly from the bar door**

Checking the sign outside.... "Sweet's"... Okay right bar... Peeks back inside...

Okay I think I will actually go to work today... lol!

Hope all is well honey!!!

*bumps into Cecile, backing out the door*

What the?! Murderer! I told you to watch the bar for me NOT scare away all my patrons.

*Walks up to Murderer and smacks him on the back of the head*

Close your shirt! Just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD.

*Rebuttons his shirt as he looks around the room at the wide eyed visitors*

What?! *Rubs the back of his head* They are ALIVE aren't they?

*One bushy eyebrow raises to meet a mess of hair flopped forward into his eyes from Sweet's head smack*

Good thing I came back into town early. At just what point would you have gotten bored with simply terrorizing the guests and started physical assults?

*Walking up to him, she pokes a long purple finger nail in his chest. With her black leather boots on, she is actually almost eye level with him. And those eyes are positively sparkling with fury.*

I expected better of you. What happened to your control?

*Mimicking her stance, he places a blunt fingertip tight against her heart*

I WAS exercising control, Miss Sweet. *He put a heavy emphasis on "Miss"*

You trusted me to watch the bar, and here I am. Clean hands and all. See, no blood.

*The comment was meant to draw her attention to his finger and its precariously close placement to her breast. Her eyes flickered downward.*

*In a whisper she could feel on her face, he asked* Have I violated that trust?

*She could feel all eyes on them and relished the chance to put him off his game, for once*

Not yet.. *she whispered back. And then grabbed the shirt under her finger and pulled him in for a scorching kiss*

*With a whirl she pulled away and stalked back behind the bar*

But now I am done with you, MISTER Murderer. Thank you for your services. The check is in the mail

*For a second he looked stunned, crimson slashed across his mouth and lust shining in his eyes.*

*The bar patrons held their breath, waiting for his rage to erupt. Instead, he released a booming laugh and pulled a pristine while handkerchief out of his pocket to wipe his mouth.*

It was my pleasure, Miss Sweet. But I do believe I will stay for a while.

Hmm, now that the bartender is looking sexy and not like he's about to chop someone's head off...

Can I have a Margarita? It's 5 o'clock somewhere and it's my day off. :)

Lily - Coming right up! *With a overly vicious smile she turns on the blender and crushes fresh ice*

damn i know we like our men dangerous... but trying to kill me is another thing all together... whew... okay... back in the bar we go....

His leash is ON, Cecile darlkink. His muzzle, well that is another story.

*She throws him a quick glance*

If he wants to live to spend that paycheck, he will behave.

*Another rumbling laugh comes from the corner booth Murderer is lounging in, boots propped on a stool, knife carving designs in the hardwood table*

Hey Mistress! *He yells over to the bar*

Wanna crush my ice? I'm in the mood for a margarita too.

*waving a hand in his direction she mumbles under to herself*

Carving my tabletops is barely behaving. Mumble, mumble, mumble. I should have left his ass in that sling over at Dante's. Mumble, mumble, mumble. Too bad he's such a devilishly good—

*Turning on the blender she seems to smile to herself, a little bit evilly*

*Cecile slides in the booth with him. Props her 5 inch purple heels up on the table. Pushes her skirt up a bit where they slit is.. to take her knife out the holder ~ that fits snug on her thigh... inner that is ~ and starts cleaning her finger nails*

"What Murderer, never seen a woman do it too." It was a statement, not a question. "You know.. if you look closely enough some of your toys are already strapped to my thigh. I own my own." *evil grin*

*Watches Murderer's eyes light up a bit*

*Trailing her nails over Cecile's matching pumps, she murmmurs* You're flashing your satin, Cecile.

*Miss Sweet slides inbetween both sets of feet, placing a fruity umbrella drink infront of Cecile and an equally as froo-froo looking margarita at Murderer's elbow*

Murderer, darlkink. Be kind to the table, you don't want to get splinters in you tight little ass later.

*With a flip of his wrist, the tip of his knife deflowers the emasculating margarita garnish. The tiny paper umbrella lands on the table between them, pink and perky and completely unaware of the tension coiling tightly around the animate objects in the room.*

You know, if it comes to that Mistress Sweet, a lot more than your table will be showing signs of a fight.

*He slides the knife back into his pockets and begins spinning his glass*

*With a smile, he meets her gaze* But that's what you're hoping for, now. Isn't it?

**Cecile picks up her knife in its holder and gets up. She pushes the table back just a bit... knocking Murderer's feet off the table... *that earned her a dark glare* She gathers up her skirt proceeds to straddle Sweet... *that earned her a growl from Murderer* she lowers her head and whispers in Sweet's ear...**

"Now now Sweet, let's place nice. If there is one thing you taught me... it's to place nice... Now... let's show your muse what playing nice is all about."

Murderer's eyes light up like a Christmas tree. Cecile backs away from Sweet and slowly raises her skirt again to show off another dagger. And again Murderer's eyes are well trained on Cecile's assets. But that is not what Cecile was going for... Behind her back, tucked nicely in her waistband are a pair of handcuffs. Not knowing what was coming, Murderer finds one hand cuffed and bound to the wall behind him.

"Damn woman you are quick. I give you credit," Murderer mumbled....

*Cecile has her pinned between her legs, leaning her back against the corner of the table.

Mistress Sweet looks over her shoulder to Murderer. He seems content sitting in the booth, one hand chained to the pipe along the wall. It almost looks natural with his cuffed hand caressing the leather seat... an invitation to occupy the empty space beneath his outstretched arm.*

Humm, seems she's quicker than both of us today.

*Ms. Sweet twists between Cecile's thighs, leans over and rattles Murderer's chained wrist*

*In a flash, Murderer catches her taunting hand and pulls her from betwix Cecile's skirt to land snug against his side in the booth.*

*Mistress Sweet gasps. Low pants betray her escalating pulse*

But not fast enough.

*Tangling his chained hand in her hair, he holds her in place as his free hand moves back to his drink. He knows she only remains at his side at her leisure. Pain is no obstacle for her. Rarely even an annoyance*

Cecile, I do believe I have stolen your prize.

*He dips his fingers in the puddle of condensation on the table and trails a wet path across Mistress Sweet's collarbone. He is rewarded with a hitching sigh and the tightening of her hand on his thigh. Purple nails begin to dig into the soft denim, a warning. One he is very familiar with.*

Things sure are getting hot in here!

Umm, can I just have another Margarita, please? ;)

OH my darlin Murderer... have some faith... for in my trap you have walked....

*Cecile slids between both of them... Raising her skirt up she fits one knee in between Sweet's thigh... and nudges her sit more upright... and the other knee goes between the thigh of Murderer. Where his hard-on can be felt. He lets out a moan as Cecile presses her knee in closer.*

Now Cecile is straddling both of them. Cecile lowers her head to Murderer's ear first.. and what is whispered earned her a deep growl....

Then Cecile turns to Sweet and mummers something in her ear, earning her a mewl.

Taking Sweet's hand Cecile caresses it with light kisses... and then her surprise another set of cuffs come from Cecile's back... and Sweet finds her hand cuffed with Murderer's....

Cecile looks back at her handy work.... *with the key between her cleavage... nicely outlined with her purple lace bra that can be see...*

Now what shall I do with you two... Or what will you two do with each other.....

**An evil grin appears on Cecile's face.... and darkness crosses her eyes**

*Hearing Lily, Ms. Sweet glances over Cecile's shoulder*

Lily, darlkink. I'm afraid you will have to serve yourself but the margarita's are on the house. I'm pretty sure I left some in the blender. Enjoy, the drinks and the show- it seems.

*With a smile she manages to reach around Cecile and snag Murderer's margarita for a refreshing sip*

Cecile turns around at Lily's voice... "Umm... Yeah, sorry about that Lily... You will have to get your own... but please stay..."

Cecile turns back around to Sweet and Murderer

Rubbing her hands together, she slips out, "Oh let's see what fun we can have with you two shall we..."

Cecile trails one finger nail down the shirt of Murderer and she hears a moan escape his lips..

"You don't play fair Miss Cecile," Murderer said on a raged breath. "I never said I did Murderer, you just assumed." Cecile kneed him a little harder. Knowing his erection was providing to be to more than his tight jeans could stand. "Unhandcuff me and we will see who does not play fair. I have so many toys I would love to try on you," he said with the badest bad ass voice could muster.

"Oh my dear, you have to be creative as you are. I know most of my toys are itching to come out and play with you." Cecile casts a glance over to Sweet, who was sipping on her margarita; looking very innocent. Correction, Murderer's margarita.

Cecile noticed a drop of liquid threatening to drop from Sweet's lips. And before thinking ~ Cecile licked up the drop with the tip of her tongue. Then traced the outline of Sweet's lip with the alcohol still on her tongue. Sweet moaned loudly enough to be heard by everyone who was in the bar. When Sweet opened her eyes, they had taken on a darker color.... lust filled.

Murderer growled deep within, he wanted to be in the middle of this. He did not want to be ignored. He rattled his cuff a bit louder than normal.

*His Mistress Sweet was being enticed by Cecile ON HIS LAP... and voyeurism is soooo not his thing.*

*As soon as Cecile raised her head from Sweet's mouth he snuck his free hand around to bury deep within the hair at her nape. A small tug brought a squeek from her lips and stretched her neck into a most delightfully vulnerable arc.*

"I do believe you are novice to this game, Miss Cecile. Why else would you have left us with the use of one of our hands?"

*He wiggled his fingers in her hair to emphasis his point and felt her pulse increase under his palm*

*Seeing a situation prime for the her taking, she placed the margarita on the table.*

*With a downright evil smile she tangled her chained fingers with Murderer's. A silent reward and signal of her approval.*

"Miss Cecile, I do believe you were flaunting some rather impressive toys under your skirt earlier."

*Her fingers, cool from the prolonged contact with the margarita glass, trailed up Cecile's inner thigh. Making short work of the leather sheath, Mistress Sweet soon had Cecile's flashy black blade in her hand.*

Ah yes, hardened steel. Very sharp, but very brittle. Perhaps like you? Do we need to be gentle with you Miss Cecile? Do you know just who you have gotten yourself involved with?

*Mistress Sweet lightly traced the very tip of the blade up to Cecile's neck and leisurely traced that gorgeous creamy arc.*

"This blade does look stunning against your skin. Don't you agree, Murderer?"

*Murderer's answer drips with honey and malice*

"I do believe it is one of the most beautiful things I have seen, though a splash of bright red would surely round out the contrasting color palatte"

*His breath starts to pant as Mistress Sweet continues to trace patterns on Cecile's throat and his chained palm. The scratch of her nails mimicking the threat to Cecile's throat*

Your wish....

*Ms Sweet leans forward towards Cecile's neck and knife, with careful precision she applys gentle pressure with her lips... kissing blade and skin. She lifts her head to inspect her work*

Beautiful. Black, white and red.

*Murderer's eyes track Cecile's chest as it heaves, either in relief or excitement, in the aftermath of Ms. Sweet's kiss*

*With a slight twist of his wrist, he coaxes Cecile to meet his gaze.*

Strikingly beautiful. *He murmurs, and he places a quick biting kiss on top of Ms. Sweet's lipstick*

Black, white and red... crimson, the color of Sweet's lipstick.

Cecile grabs Murderer's hand that is tangled at the back of her head... A moan slides past Cecile's lush lips... The heat evident on the thighs of Sweet and Murderer...

Cecile leans into the blade a little harder, pressed under her chin... Watching the pulse beat a little quicker on Sweets throat column... Feeling Murderer's hard-on get harder (if that possible).

I see my loves like it a little rough... Shall I take off the cuffs and we can really go play.....

*Suddenly the blade disappears into Mistress Sweet's leather bodice*

*Cecile's mouth is devoured as BOTH Murderer's arms wrap around her and lift her up off the menage lap*

*Mistress Sweet runs her hands idly over their entwined bodies*

Did you really think a pair of cuffs could restrain my Murderer for long? Really, Cecile darlkink. I think we should move this little tete a tete to the backroom.

*Mistress Sweet circles them hands wandering and fondling, and whispers in his ear*

Murderer, bring her.

Holy sh-shotguns, I damn near choked on my drink when I read the part about Cecile pushing her skirt up to where the slit is.

Why my dear Mister Valance. I do believe you have joined us in the gutter. Welcome.

Oh Mr V! It is very nice of you to drop by!
Ohh Sweet, I do believe Mr V has walked on the dark side before... although I am not sure he is ready to tell us!!!
Hon, I love our story!!!

The temptation was too big to resist. Sure looks like you all had a lot of fun.

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