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Sweet Vernal Zephyr has been morphing...

Always looking to make Sweet Vernal Zephyr a better experience,
I have been making a few changes around here that you may or may not have noticed.
*Don't worry, I don't judge... out loud ;)

Header text has been edited to better reflect the current blog content

Sidebar Welcome text has been edited to include reoccurring weekly events

Top Navigation bar has grown to include:
  • Tunes: Blog posts that include embedded songs
  • Storytime: Free reads previously posted on SVZ
Dateline under top navigation bar with links to the current day's posts

And the most inobtrusive & time consuming addition:
Reviews by Genre now link to a master page of reviews by title and author

Less recent changes include:
  • Poll for blog input, top right corner labeled your 2¢
  • Twitter updates for reviews only, see bottom of the page
  • Top navigation bar secondary level linking to most recent reviews

Hidden Treats:

Future Changes, possibly to be implemented over the weekend:
  • Reviews will be linked to a secondary sister site
  • Top horizontal navigation bar will be simplified/consolidated
  • Sidebar welcome text will be simplified with a link for the curious
  • Archive of posts will become more prominent
  • Your 2¢ will now be deposited upon my request


Site is great. I love your pic, just cute as a button aren't you :) And your crush is on... stormtroopers? lol, adorable. OMG, he just broke out into dance... I am cracking up!!!!!! You go stormtrooper man. Dudes got moves!

You can embed songs? I haven't been able to do that yet. :( Figured there had to be away.

Hey, I just saw myself on your feeds. Cool :) thanks. :))

Have a great day :))))

So much going on!! *gets overwhelmed and curls into a little ball in the corner*

Love the hair!! And your crush... lol, men in uniform can be sooo sexy!

I must be missing something. I don't see your pic.

Amora - You are such a doll! Isn't he just adorable?! Dance, baby, dance!

Chris - *rubs her back* It will be alright, honey. See? You didn't even notice the changes in progress.

Lily - Thanks! My hair is notorious IRL. *wink* Yes, uniforms... and masks...

Mr V - I do believe you found me! *wink*

And, of course, things have changed since this post went live!

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Thanks so much for delving into my head. It's scary in here sometimes, so it is nice to have company! Don't step on the zephyr...

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