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Miss Sweet is the owner of a cozy saloon and a broken heart. Below is her story.

Miss Sweet's Saloon Part XV - Gus' Ghosts

Turns out Miss Sweet weren't quite so easy to track as Gus the Naive Cowboy had hoped. Who woulda thought an innocent young woman could get into so much trouble and still be alive?!  (Present company excepted, of course.)

After his suspiciously easy escape from a live skinnin', Gus set out to the nearest town inquiring 'bout his missing Sweet Pea. Mostly all he could rustle up were ghost stories; a gypsy seductress taming wild horses and wild men, always leaving before anyone noticed the safes were cracked. Made him wonder if the distant sound of horses following him in the trail weren't just his own ghost story.

Speakin' to the womanfolk you'd be sure she was an evil witch casting a spell on all the men around, striking them dumb with satan's lust. Hear the menfolk tell it and she was a wild queen among women, easy with the horses, mesmerizing with her swaying hips, and as sure a shot as any quickdraw around.

Gus wandered for what felt like months listenin' for any stray word to lead him to his long lost Sweet Pea. But with each saloon story and church gossip he could feel his heart hardening, slowly erasing the young and feisty Sweet Pea he loved all those years ago and replacing her with a stranger. Gets a man to thinkin', did he ever really know that girl at all?

Now if'un he had been utilizing all the smarts the dear Lord gave him, he woulda realized no body stays the same that long. Gosh darn, even his own damn self weren't the same naive young cowboy from those memories. Life makes a person tougher or makes 'um dead. And he weren't dead yet. So you can bet young love ain't in the cards anymore. But, of course, that obtrusive male pride were making a mess of things and had his dander all up in a fuss about his Sweet Pea not being quite so sweet anymore.

Just you wait until he finds her, 'cause I reckon eventually he's gonna stumble across her lonely saloon. See that's what happens when you stay in one place for any extended length of time. That's right, the past comes to find you. And then, wel, you just gotta make do with the future, if you can see that far ahead.

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I'm here Miss Sweet, lust like I promised. And I'm mesmerized. Do I get my free drink now?

Pardon my slip of the tongue there. Course I meant 'JUST like I promised.

*eyes Miss Sweet's shapely figure*

Well howdy there cowboy. Long time no see. You sure do bring a smile to this gal's face. *sways on over to bring him a drink* Now you just get yourself reallll comfy now. *tips his hat down as she passes by back to the bar*

*Quickly straightens hat. Fixes gaze on Miss Sweet's swaying hips as she glides away*

Yup, long time no see, Miss Sweet. But you've still got it. You sure know how to bring a stirring to a man's loins.

*drinks whiskey in one go, and bangs the empty glass on the bar*

How about another?

*hides a smirk at his brash consumption*

You sure do keep a gal on her toes, Mister Valance.

*slides another down the bar as she fixes herself a tall cool glass*

Rumor has it you got your hands full back at the porch. What with nameless overstuffed and that Missus of yours, well... I guess I'm not wonder too hard 'bout you keepin' my company.


It has been a mite bit quiet 'round these parts. Makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Calm before the storm and all that.

*rubs her nape and downs a swallow*

Thanks, much obliged.

*licks his lips as he watches Miss Sweet down a swallow*

Rumor has it wrong. I ain't seen Miss Houston in days. She's busy with Miss Elaine and Miss Cecile. And me... well, a man gets lonely sometimes.

*eyes Miss Sweet over the rim of his glass as he takes another drink*

Yup, sure is quiet here. Looks like it's just us.

*Sidles up to Miss Sweet*

How you been, Sweetiepie?

*she smiles big and warm as Valance moves closer*

Why I been ok, cowboy. Warm at night and all that with my sweet old bitch and her pups. And, of course, Mister Jake down the hall keeps the scoundrels away.

But a gal's mind tends to wander at times and mine's done worn out my boots!

It sure is nice to see ya, but then I already said that, ain't I?

*glances down the hall*

Well, if ol' Jake there is keeping the scoundrels away... then we ain't likely to get interrupted, are we?

*Steps in closer*

A warm night with a sweet old bitch, huh? Hmm, imagine that.

*eyes burn on Miss Sweet's delightful cleavage*

Yup, you already said you were pleased to see me.

*Slowly looks down at the front of his pants*

Guess you can tell I'm pleased to see you, too.

I never did give you that Christmas present, did I?

Thats a might fine package but I'm thinking you missed Christmas by a long shot, cowboy.

*flutters her hands over her heaving bossom*

Now on a regular day I just might ask you to bring that present back and share it with the house... BUT I must say that Miss Houston and I tend to be friendly with each other and I wouldn't be wanting to raise... suspicions.

*takes one last sip of her drink before moving back behind the bar to refill his glass*

I'm afraid, my randy cowboy friend, that you are gonna have to find some one else to present your package to *wink* or perhaps we can wait and see what this Christmas brings.

*cough! choke! splutter!*

Hey, you got me all wrong, Miss Sweet!

*looks over his shoulder and shouts it even louder, just in case Miss Houston is watching*

HEY, YOU GOT ME ALL WRONG, MISS SWEET! I was erm... just gonna give you my belt buckle... this one.... the one with the steer's head... the one you always wanted. I meant to give it you last Christmas, but somehow I didn't get round to it.

*Narrows his eyes at Miss Sweet and gives her the Valance stare*

(Hisses under his breath)

Minx! You did that one purpose!

*gives Valance another wink and whispers over his whiskey* I like gifts I can hold on to, cowboy.

*louder for the eaves droppers* Oh, aren't you just the sweetest cowboy to ever enter this bar today!

*takes the shiny silver belt buckle and slips it into her cleavage. Prances a little as the cool metal settles*

Thank you kindly... *leans over the bar and give Valance a peak on the cheek just as Jake walks in to take over his shift at the bar*

*walks out the door, muttering under his breath and holding his pants up*

*Smiles at Jake's questioning glance at the retreating cowboy with droopy pants*

I just earned myself a shiny new buckle for my pantaloon gunbelt!

*Pulls the warmed steers head out of her cleavage and shows it to Jake.*

Pretty sure Miss Houston is NOT gonna believe that!

Kracken! Are you insinuating a falsehood? Why I do believe I'm feeling a sort of ... pain in my back.

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