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Today we continue with Part VI of "My Pet, Murderer"

Based on the comments during the Thrilling and Threatening Contest Bar on June 24th.
I've done the polishing, but my followers helped create the story. Thanks guys!

Sheathing her knife, Cecile got up from the corner booth. In the process, managing to dislodge Murderer's feet from the table and earn herself a dark glare. She just smiled at him sweetly and turned to lay dibs on Miss Sweet.

With a gathering of skirts, she trapped Miss Sweet against the edge of the table, so close that she was straddling her thighs and forcing her to bend back against the table.

Murderer growled in warning, a warning she ignored. Pleasantly surprised that she was not immediately dislodged, Cecile lowered her head and whispered in Miss Sweet's ear.

"Now, now, Sweet. Let's play nice. If there is one thing you've taught me, its to place nice. Now, let's show your pet what playing nice is all about." Murderer's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree, though it was difficult to determine if the glow was lust or anger. Most likely, a mixture of both.

Cecile backed away from Miss Sweet and slowly raised her skirt again to show off another dagger strapped higher on her thigh. And again Murderer's eyes were well trained on Cecile's assets. Behind her back, tucked nicely in her waistband were a pair of handcuffs. Distracted by the enticing flesh, Murderer suddenly found himself cuffed to the wall behind him by one hand.

Silence, then an evil smile. "Damn, woman, you are quick. I give you credit." Murderer rattled his chain a moment, testing its strength, then seemed to settle into the seat.

Still pinned between Cecile's legs, Miss Sweet leaned back against the corner of the table. A glance over her shoulder confirmed Murderer's position, content sitting in the booth with one hand chained to the pipe along the wall. It almost looked natural with his cuffed hand caressing the leather seat. Like an invitation to occupy the empty space beneath his outstretched arm.

"Humm, seems she's quicker than both of us today." Twisting between Cecile's thighs, Miss Sweet leaned over and rattled Murderer's chained wrist, an echo of his earlier movement.

In a flash, Murderer caught her taunting hand and pulled her around the table to land snug against his side in the booth. Miss Sweet gasped and low pants betrayed her escalating pulse.

"But not fast enough." Murderer tangled his chained hand in her hair, holding her in place as his free hand moved back to his drink.

He knew she only remained at his side at her leisure. Pain was no obstacle for her. Rarely, even an annoyance.

With a smirk, he once again taunted Cecile. "I do believe I have stolen your prize."

He dipped his fingers in the puddle of condensation from his drink and trailed a wet path across Miss Sweet's collar bone. His reward was a hitching sigh and the tightening of her hand on his thigh. Her purple nails begin to dig into the soft denim. A warning, one he was very familiar with.

Cecile rose to the bait. "Oh, my darlin' Murderer. Have some faith. For in my trap, you have walked."

Cecile slid between the table and the cozy couple. Raising her skirt up, she fit one knee in between Sweet's thigh and nudged her to sit more upright. The other knee went between the thighs of Murderer, where his hard-on could be felt. He let out a moan as Cecile pressed her knee in closer.

Now Cecile was straddling both of them.

She lowered her head to Murderer's ear first and what ever she whispered earned her a deep growl.

Then Cecile turned to Miss Sweet and murmured something in her ear, earning her a mewl.

Taking Miss Sweet's hand Cecile caressed it with light kisses, another distraction. Another set of cuffs appeared from behind Cecile's back and Miss Sweet found her hand cuffed with Murderer's.

Leaning back to observe her handy work, Cecile stuffed the key between her cleavage. Cleavage that was nicely outlined with her peeping purple lace bra.

"Now what shall I do with you two? Or what will you two do with each other?" An evil grin appeared on Cecile's face and darkness crossed her eyes.

Come back next Saturday, the 23rd for THE END when Cecile bites off more than she can chew x2!

Have a great weekend!


Holy crap. Fans self. Cecile frightens me a bit. LOL

Oh my! 0_0

I don't mean to frighten you Tam... A girl just has to protect herself at all time.. and know what is in the best interest of...... lol!!!

Thanks Sweet, I love playing along! I hope you had a great weekend!!!! Miss you honey!

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