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Today we wrap it up with the Finale of "My Pet, Murderer"

Based on the comments during the Thrilling and Threatening Contest Bar on June 24th.
I've done the polishing, but my followers helped create the story. Thanks guys!

The bar observed the threesome in the corner, a perfect mimicry of the "live studio audience". At least until thirst got the best of them.

Lily called out from her stool, "Things sure are getting hot in here! Umm, can I just have another Margarita, please?"

Hearing Lily, Miss Sweet glanced over Cecile's shoulder to reply. "Lily, darlkink. I'm afraid you will have to serve yourself but the margaritas are on the house. I'm pretty sure I left some in the blender. Enjoy, the drinks and the show it seems." With a smile she managed to reach around Cecile and snag Murderer's margarita for a refreshing sip.

Cecile turned around to add,"Umm, Yeah. Sorry about that, Lily. You will have to get your own, but please stay."

Cecile turned back around to look at Miss Sweet and Murderer partially captive in front of her. Rubbing her hands together, she let slip out "Oh let's see what fun we can have with you two shall we..."

Trailing one finger nail down the shirt of Murderer, she heard a moan escape his lips. "You don't play fair, Miss Cecile," Murderer said on a raged breath.

"I never said I did, Murderer. You just assumed." Cecile kneed him a little harder, knowing his erection was providing to be to more than his tight jeans could stand.

"Uncuf me and we will see who does not play fair. I have so many toys I would love to try on you," he said with the scariest bad ass voice he could muster.

"Oh my dear. I'm afraid you will have to be creative as you are. I know most of my toys are itching to come out and play with you." Cecile cast a glance over to Sweet, who was sipping on her margarita and looking very innocent. Correction. Murderer's margarita.

She noticed a drop of liquid threatening to drop from Miss Sweet's lips. Without forethought of the danger, Cecile licked up the drop with the tip of her tongue, then traced the outline of Miss Sweet's lip with the alcohol still tangy on her tongue.

Miss Sweet moaned loudly enough to be heard by everyone who was in the bar and when she opened her eyes they had taken on a darker color, lust filled.

Murderer growled deep, he wanted to be in the middle of this. He did not want to be ignored. He rattled his cuff a bit louder. His Mistress Sweet was being enticed by Cecile ON HIS LAP and voyeurism was soo not his thing.

As soon as Cecile raised her head from Miss Sweet's mouth, he snuck his free hand around to bury it deep within the hair at her nape. A small tug brought a squeak from Cecile's lips and stretched her neck into a most delightfully vulnerable arc.

"I do believe you are a novice to this game, Miss Cecile. Why else would you have left us with the use of one of our hands?" He wiggled his fingers in her hair to emphasize his point and felt her pulse increase under his palm.

Seeing a situation prime for the taking, Miss Sweet placed the margarita on the table. With a downright evil smile she tangled her chained fingers with Murderer's. A silent reward and signal of her approval.

"Miss Cecile, I do believe you were flaunting some rather impressive toys under your skirt earlier." Her fingers, cool from the prolonged contact with the margarita glass, trailed up Cecile's inner thigh. Making short work of the leather sheath, Miss Sweet soon had Cecile's flashy black blade in her hand.

"Ah yes, hardened steel. Very sharp, but very brittle. Perhaps like you? Do we need to be gentle with you Miss Cecile? Do you know just who you have gotten yourself involved with?"

Miss Sweet lightly ran the very tip of the blade up to Cecile's neck and leisurely traced that gorgeous creamy arc. "This blade does look stunning against your skin. Don't you agree, Murderer?"

Murderer's answer dripped with honey and malice. "I do believe it is one of the most beautiful things I have seen, though a splash of bright red would surely round out the contrasting color palette" His breathing started to pant as Miss Sweet continued to trace patterns on Cecile's throat. The scratch of her nails mimicked the threat to Cecile's throat on his chained palm.

"Your wish…" Miss Sweet leaned forward towards Cecile's neck.

With careful precision she applied gentle pressure with her lips, kissing blade and skin. She lifted her head to inspect her work.

"Beautiful. Black, white and red."

Murderer's eyes tracked Cecile's chest as it heaved, either in relief or excitement, in the aftermath of Miss Sweet's kiss. With a slight twist of his wrist, he coaxed Cecile to meet his gaze.

"Strikingly beautiful." He murmured, and he placed a quick biting kiss on top of Miss Sweet's lipstick.

Black, white and crimson, the color of Miss Sweet's lipstick. Cecile grabbed Murderer's hand tangled at the back of her head and a moan slid past her lush lips. The building heat was evident on the thighs of Miss Sweet and Murderer.

Cecile leaned into the blade a little harder, pressing it under her chin. She watched as the pulse on Miss Sweet's throat beat a little quicker and could feel Murderer's hard-on get a little harder (if that was possible).

"I see my loves like it a little rough. Shall I take off the cuffs and we can really go play?"

Suddenly, the blade disappeared into Miss Sweet's leather bodice and Cecile's mouth was devoured as BOTH of Murderer's arms wrapped around her and lifted her up off the menage lap. Miss Sweet ran her hands idly over Murderer and Cecile's entwined bodies.

"Did you really think a pair of cuffs could restrain my pet Murderer for long? Really Cecile, darlkink. I think we should move this little tete a tete to the back room."

Miss Sweet circled them, her hands wandering and fondling, and whispered in his ear. "Murderer, bring her."

Thanks for following the story of My Pet, Murderer! 
Next Saturday I will post it in its entirety.

Have a great weekend!


Wow. Umm. I wanna know what's happening in the back room. *whine* LOL Well done, very hot.

That was great!! And thanks for the Margaritas! YUM, I really needed them. :)

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