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Welcome to Saturday Serials

You may remember Mistress Sweet from past Saturday Serials as the protective Dominatrix.
But at Mister Valance's Porch she's Miss Sweet, owner of a cozy saloon and a broken heart. Below is her story.

Saturday Serial - Miss Sweet's Saloon Part X

His head weren't the only thing pounding when Gus woke up surrounded by yards of cloth. The saloon had turned into a brawl with half-drunk patrons dusting off their fighting arms in just about every corner. Except, of course, his. He was, apparently, ensconced in the midst of his buxom barmaid's embrace, both of them wedged up against the wall and out of range of stray bottles or fists.

Now you would think a man would appreciate the pleasant awakening when so many more unpleasant outcomes could have easily come to pass, but Gus wasn't called grumpy for nothing. His mood was tepid on an average day, throw in having his manhood crushed in damn near public and he was more ornery than a skunk in a bees' nest.

With a growl he shook the remnants of unconscious fuzz from his head and struggled upright, despite the protests of the barmaid beneath him.

"Mister Gus, you mustn't get up." She wrapped her arms around his waist in an attempt to keep him on the floor between her legs.

She rested her head on his shoulder and whispered in a scared voice, "Don't give the scoundrel a reason to touch you again. He surely meant to take advantage of you." Her words broke off as she gasped and tightened her arms around his waist.

As if her words had conjured him, the scoundrel stood not two feet before them reveling jagged white teeth and bloody knuckles.

"You gonna finish what you started?" the scoundrel taunted. "Or do you prefer the safety of a woman's skirts?"

He cocked his head to one side and twirled his greasy mustache as he added, "You sure do look pretty surrounded in all that pink lace." The sentence trailed off in a slithering of sound that crawled under Gus's skin and had him struggling to stand.

The scoundrel laughed and muttered insults to the group beginning to gather around them. "Yearling! So weak. Can't even stand on his own two feet. Least when I knock him down, he's got a soft place to land!"

After considerable effort, Gus stood shakily with his head still spinning from lack of air. The scoundrel was still posturing a few feet in front of him, goading the crowd of bar patrons and distracting them from the mounting danger.

Playing to his disoriented state, Gus feigned additional weakness allowing his head to drop so that his hat covered his wandering eyes. The scoundrel's men were circling the brawl-exhausted townspeople, strategically standing behind them or blocking the exit.

He raised his head and straightened his spine. Ignoring the increasingly vile and creative insults spewing from the scoundrel's mouth, he stared him dead in the eyes and waited.

Acknowledgement slid through those black eyes and with one nod of his head, the scoundrel's men drew their weapons and fired into the ceiling effectively holding up the entire saloon.

"This here's a stick up," the scoundrel bellowed. "And if'un you be getting any ideas about being a hero, I'll ask ya to think on what is more important to you… your gold or your life." And the gun came down to aim directly into the center of Gus's chest.

The two cowboys remained motionless as the scoundrel's men fleeced the townspeople of weapons and valuables. Once stripped of anything of worth, the crowd was herded tight into a corner and surrounded. Whimpering could be heard along with the rustling of clothing and an occasional angry murmur.

The unease was tangible. Robbery was very common out in the wild west, but the size of this particular theft took balls of a gigantic size. And it was lookin' like Gus was going to be getting up close and personal with those balls.

There was a strange glint in the scoundrel's eyes as he held Gus at gunpoint, a calculation perhaps. The evidence of his thoughts soon became apparent with the next set of words to drawl out of his mouth, "This young man right here is going to make sure none of you kind townsfolk forget that your lives are more valuable than gold. He'll be the first one I shoot." Suddenly there were two more men at his shoulders, grabbing hold of his arms with both hands above and below his elbows.

"Just remember, the devil don't take coins," his lips spit to reveal those jagged white teeth again, "I do!" And on that last taunt the scoundrel's men grabbed their loot and filed out of the back of the saloon dragging Gus along behind them.

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I like it. Made me smile despite the pain smiling causes right now! :)

Got me on the edge of my seat, Miss Sweet. I'm afeared for Gus. Reckon he could be in a whole heap of trouble.

Any chance of a drink?

*still a fluttering from the backhanded sweet talking Mister Valance gave her in the comments on Part IX*

And just what can I get for you, cowboyyyyyyyy? *wink*

hey Sweetie...I've been in me cave writing for a wee bit...But I've been hearing from Valance about all that's been going on here and had to drop in to pay you a visit!

How you doing hon...still dancing?

Miss Sweet, what you could get for me amounts to a whole lot more than any man's dreams, but Miss Houston's just walked through the door, so make it a whiskey for now. That darn woman's got an uncanny knack of being in the right place at the wrong time.

Howdy Miss Houston. Well, fancy seeing you here. Miss Sweet's giving me some dancing lessons, and showing me some new moves.

Miss Houston Looks at Sweet...

"What's been going on me friend?"

Miss Houston turns to Valance...give it up Cowboy...I know when you're up so something...guilty's written all over your face.

Darn it Miss Houston, I am hurt and I am wounded. I don't know how you could think such a thing. I'm just keeping Miss Sweet company, that's all, since Gus got dragged off by those roughnecks. Ain't that so, Miss Sweet?

*throws a half smile over her shoulder as she fixes a drink at the bar*

Just enjoying the company of friends. And watching the fight of course!

*slides a whiskey down to Mister Valance*

Now what would you like, Miss Houston ol' freind?

Hummm, me ol' Sweet friend...I done notice a wee bit of favoritism...Yap, I've got you linked on me link page yet I only see Valance linked here...and you ain't even visited me in a long while...to tell me about dancing or nothing...I am mighty hurt 'tis all.

AND VALANCE!!! How's your dreams these days while you're sleeping next to me? The only thing hung like a horse are those 'poor me' cowboy tales! Very nice Cowboy...tossing 'seconds' of sweet words to all the lady's that you've already said to me! Seconds is all them words are...shame on you, cowboy!

Well, you know what they say about Cowboys...they all walk in shit and boy ain't that the truth!

Miss Houston storms out of the saloon.

Well, I'll be a deflowered virgin! She's right... I ain't rightly linked to my dear ol' freind Miss Houston. I wouldn't want her to feel slighted, so I best be rectifying that particular hurt.

As for the rest, well... boys will be boys... *wink*

*Sits quietly at the end of the bar, hoping to avoid the worst of Hurricane Houston.*

*Winces at her tongue-lashing*

*Ducks when she storms out*

*Takes a much-needed swig of whiskey*

*Coughs whiskey all over the place when Miss Sweet likens herself to a deflowered virgin*

*Eyes Miss Sweet... and her heaving bosom*

Miss Sweet, I'm hurting too. Want to do some more rectifying?

* Miss Houston returns in a fine blue satin dress and her 45*

Valance...people are waiting for your answer to Miss Patsy's question over at the porch...I'm thinkin' it's time you go home! Besides...Miss Sweet and I were just getting ready to go dancing...ain't we Miss Sweet?

*Miss Sweet raises an eyebrow at the thinly veiled threat*

See ya on the porch, Cowboy. Watch ur back... and ur front I think.

Well I'm just gonna pull up a stool and watch the show :)

My dear your tale just keeps getting better. I cant wait to find out what happens to Gus.

I answered your question over on the other blog about the massage candles and bar.

Miss Sweet you're such a smart lady...

Brandi, Hello darlkink. What can I get you from the bar? My sexy bartender will be more than willing to serve you. *wink*

Hmmm... I'll take some of that whiskey on the rocks and tell that handsome bartender to give me something special ;)

*Noah saunters over from the side bar and leans on the polished wood to slide a cold glass to Brandi's fingertips*

Let me know if you need any thing else, Miss Brandi. A massage, perhaps? I'm good with my hands.

Well hello there Noah

*Bats her eyes at the handsome man standing next to her*

I have been feeling a little sore why don't you give me a rub and see if we can work out some of these kinks ;)

*Noah's smile grows wider as he comes around the bar*

Now, who said that we had to get rid of the kinks?

*And he lays his strong hands along her shoulders as she sips her whiskey.... straight up.*

*gives the bartender a smoky look*

Well now...Why dont you and I find a nice quite table in the corner and dicsuss these "kinks"

*runs her fingertips down his chest then shashays away to a corner table*

*Looks over her shoulder and yells out to Miss Sweet*

"I'm going to borrow Noah from you for a quick minute...or maybe a long minute*

I know you'll enjoy Noah, Brandi. That corner over there is nice and dark and he is long over due for a coffee break. :)

*Noah grins as Brandi tugs him out of sight*

I think Gus is in on it myself! And All these side stories!! WOOP!! Can't wait to see what's next!

Comin' right up Miss Kracken!

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