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Fever Book 4
by Karen Marie Moning

He has stolen her past, but MacKayla will never allow her sister's murderer to take her future. Yet even the uniquely gifted sidhe-seer is no match for the Lord Master, who has unleashed an insatiable sexual craving that consumes Mac's every thought-and thrusts her into the seductive realm of two very dangerous men, both of whom she desires but dares not trust.

As the enigmatic Jericho Barrons and the sensual Fae prince V'lane vie for her body and soul, as she rallies the sidhe-seers to fight an impossible battle, and the power of the Dark Book weaves its annihilating path through the city, Mac's greatest enemy delivers a final challenge...

It's an invitation Mac cannot refuse, one that sends her racing home to Georgia, where an even darker threat awaits. With her parents missing and the lives of her loved ones under siege, Mac is about to come face-to-face with a soul-shattering truth-about herself, and about the world she thought she knew.
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• Wicked depiction of the opening scene
• Pet Peev: Author's name is bigger than the title


• Fae, Unseelie & Seelie
• Sidhe-seers (She Seers)


• M/F, rough and endless


• New orators in this audio book. In stead of one woman, there is a woman and a man. Over the past three audio books I had gotten used to the sounds of the various character's voices and it took a while to get sucked back into the story. The man's voice is especially jarring.


• Secrets, secrets everywhere. Who to trust? Do you dare?

• Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who's the baddest of them all?

• Mac wanted to be self-reliant. She is much closer now. And much different. She calls herself black Mac. Before this she was pink Mac. She's growing up.

• Finally I am starting to see some smarts in her head. Not as much as I would like, but she's thinking things through a bit more.

• Mac is gaining new powers and more control over her old ones. Go Mac!

• But as V'lane said, this is just the beginning of what we will become.
"I wonder what else you can do now. What a creature you are becoming." pg. 22

• V'lane calls Mac princess at one point after revealing a new talent. Perhaps a bit of foreshadowing there?

• V'lane and Barrons are still high points of lust for Mac. And yes, with good reason. And they seem to fight over her too. An interesting revelation of passions.

• Where's V'lane? Mac seriously didn't think before she acted that last time she called him. Duh and Ouch!

• Another cliffhanger ending that will cause you to speculate until your brain turns to mush BUT Ms. Moning comes in at the end the an author's note to dampen the pain and give you that sliver of hope. How much longer do I have to wait for the last book, Shadowfever? January 18th. A late Christmas present perhaps...

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Hmm. I only tried a few of this author's books and the didn't really resonate with me. Ah well, it's not my genre anymore, cliff hangers suck though. :-)

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