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Welcome to Saturday Serials

You may remember Mistress Sweet from past Saturday Serials as the protective Dominatrix.
But at Mister Valance's Porch she's Miss Sweet, owner of a cozy saloon and a broken heart. Below is her story.

Miss Sweet's Saloon - The Second Part

She wasn't raised in the usual way. At least, it weren't usual for the rest of folks.

For her, it was just normal to saddle up with her Pa and ride with him everywhere. First, with his strong arms right tight around her little girl body and latter stride for stride on her very own mare.

Dresses were for special occasions like church and weddings, and britches were just a might more practical for riding and tending the ranch all day.

Course she didn't know she was doing it all wrong, living that is. Didn't know cause they didn't have much need to leave the ranch and see what everyone else thought was right.

In fact, she didn't see her first neighbor 'til it was time to sell the first ever foal she done raised and broke. Pa said she needed to learn how to "Sell it" and she didn't have too much trouble.

Pretty soon Pa preferred that she do the selling. Said the cowboys were a bit less tight with their purses when she did the talking. And after a fashion she did notice that they didn't haggle quite so hard with her, but man did they do it longer!

Her Pa could wrap up a sale on a mediocre foal in twenty minutes but some of those cowboys would hem and haw for a good hour over a sturdy stallion is she was doing the showing. But in the end, she always sold her horse. Pa said they just liked to hear the sound of her voice fer as long as possible.

Pa tended to be within spitting distance when she was "Selling it" and he had cause to express that distance only a few times. The wet splat always got the ornery cowboy's tone of voice back in the range of proper. Unfortunately, there was no distance that could calm the storm of gossip from the women in town. And Pa would ne'er dare spit at a lady.

Just as sure as there would be a group of dusty cowboys waiting for Sweet and her Pa to show their wares, there would be a gaggle of skirted women waiting for her to turn her back for their verbal barbs. She ignored them for the most part, not understanding half the insults and not caring about the rest.

But every time a cowboy would show undue interest in her, the remarks would become especially loud and shockingly cutting. Mostly about her missing Ma and some outrageous story about her Pa being shunned for another. That one was the hardest for her to ignore.

In her mind, her Pa was the strongest, smartest, kindest cowboy around. Weren't no reason she could come up with in all her 17 years for any woman in her right mind to have hightailed it away from him.

Now, you must be thinking that 17 might be a bit long in the tooth for a virgin of the wild west, but her years were young to the ways of the world outside of the ranch.

Her Pa did his best to shield his precious Sweet Pea from those vicious tongue and roving eyes cause he knew she had a secret deep inside her. Her Ma's blood ran through her veins, wild and strong and... hungry. He feared the day when she finally bloomed into her mother's daughter.

See ya next Saturday for a Miss Sweet's first taste of love...
Did you miss the beginning of this western style story? Mosey on over to Part I to catch on up with the rest of us.


Oh goody! Miss Sweet you sure know how to tell a story and leave a girl captivated.

Good, Miss Sweet. This is absorbing. Someone pass me the popcorn.

OK, I'll get the popcorn, and eat it all myself.

*Brings Mister Valance his popcorn and tips his hat back.*

Such an impatient brute. *wink*

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