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Favorite Read for December


The 4th book in a 5 book series, and the culmination of over 1000 pages of anticipation!

Slotted for review on January 17th, the day before Shadowfever (Book 5) is released.

December Reading List with a few minis


Dreamfever - Curse you, Karen! Waiting til Jan 18th for the grand finale. Review Coming

Faefever - Review Coming


Bad Moon Rising - Reviewed


Hungry For You - I enjoy love stories that involve food. LOL.

Bullet - Curse you, Laurell... not so much. I can wait for the next edition. No bated breath here. Reviewed


Captured - Reviewed

Blown Away - 2 Novellas set in the same sci-fi world. Very cool. I've been missing my sci-fi and this did a great job of scratching that itch!


A Brush of Wings - Dud

Just One Bite Volume 3 - Sweet beginnings

Just One Bite Volume 2 - Unmemorable compared to Vol 1


Keeping Promise Rock - Review Coming

Master Bear - Review Coming

Yesterday's Indiscretion - Still Reading, Review Coming

If I must - So sweet!


Ka Shin Fu

Shy Intentions

Body Language - DNF, Couldn't handle the uke/seme dynamic in words (yaoi novel). For some reason pictures don't bother me as much.

Starfighter - Damn you, Kris! Waiting...

Viewfinder - Bless you, Tracey! A treasure in my hands. Forgot how intense it was. But love the story line. It develops well. And seriously, the scanlations were a bit different than this in the language. I'm betting this published version is closer to the true interpretation.

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Interesting how you split them up into genre. Really shows that you read a little bit of everything. Wait. Historical? :-)

No Fever Fever for me. :)

I won the first of the Fever books in a contest but still haven't read it. I did really enjoy her Highlander series though. :)

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