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How I Met My Countess
by Elizabeth Boyle

Lucy Ellyson, the improper daughter of an infamous spy, saves the life of the Earl of Clifton. He intends to make her his countess after the war ends, but when he finally is able to return to her, he finds that she′s vanished.

Meanwhile, Lucy is living a new life in the heart of Mayfair. But she′s as scandalous as ever, and when Clifton finally happens upon her, she′s landed in the sort of trouble that only a hasty marriage can solve. He′s more than willing to step in, but their future is all too quickly threatened by secrets from the past.
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  • The pink dress is important to the story
  • Not sure that the necklace is important, though it does FEEL important
  • Author is larger than the title - personal pet peeve
  • Anyone see any spies?

  • London, Early 1800s

  • M/F
  • Premarital

  • I was surprised at the end and had assumed as all the rest of society in the story. Shame on me.

  • A spy love story that feels like I would make much more sense if I had read the previous Bachelor Chronicles stories. Not that I was confused, just would have enjoyed a bit more back story and context.

  • Loyalty & Family are key elements

  • The spy twist was a nice addition to the historical aspect, helped me stay interested.
    "'I write coded letters to you as if I were your mistress, and you carry them to Lisbon.' She strolled over, reached up and patted his chest. 'You put them right next to your heart.' She paused and gazed up to him. 'You have one of those, don't you?'"
    pg. 32

  • Lucy is known for her sharp tongue and mind, but on the inside she is uncertain at times. I was concerned with this weakness (damsel in distress scenarios haunted my thoughts) but she plucked up at all the right times. I really enjoy a heroine who is willing to take care of herself, whether or not she is completely capable.

I picked this book up for 90% off at my local Salvation Army.

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Read a sentence from page 56 HERE.

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Sweet daydreams...


I loved this book, actually like I've liked everything of her's that I've read. You should pick up Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress, Confessions of a Little Black Gown and Love Letters to a Duke. They are the 3 that preceded this one. I read them out of order, which didn't really make a difference but I really didn't like Duchess's character in the other books until I read hers (Love Letters).

I am glad that you showcased this book. I have seen this book out there and have hesitated to get it. But after seeing your wonderful review of it, I know I must rectify that now!!!!
Great review honey! Hugs to ya!

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