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Pretty Red Ribbon
Heaven Sent #1.5
by Jet Mykles

Tyler and Johnnie are supposed to spend their first Christmas alone together, but Tyler gets pulled away on hotel business. While he’s gone, Johnnie is busy wrapping an extra special present for his lover, all dressed up in a pretty red ribbon.
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by April Martinez
  • Generic cover to promote Christmas sales at Loose Id.

  • M/M

  • Great imagery and wonderfully imaginative scene!

  • Wondering if the ribbons would cut... or the hair for that matter.

  • Taylor's worry about his choice and its effect on the relationship is strangely reminiscent of my own worry wort tendencies. I can relate to this character's emotional up and downs.

Read an excerpt HERE.

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Sweet daydreams...


This was a cute follow up to Heaven.

Nice... very nice. It is nice when you can relate to the characters. Makes it more real to me.

It was a cute little slice of life, wasn't it?

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