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Blood Noir: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter 16 *2B Reviewed*

Hearts Afire February Anthology *Reviewed Tomorrow*

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks *Skim for work*
This book makes me a little angry. The story is all about how Henrietta Lacks was fleeced of her DNA (that is continuously used to this day) and how nothing was given to her in compensation or her family AND YET the author does not share any of her profits either. Huh. Don't buy it. Loan it from the library. Interesting story.

The Worst Hard Time *Skim for work*
Interesting story about the Dust Bowl based on real people with serious environmental impact that could be applied to our methods today (lessons learned and all that), but not something I could really get excited about. Lukewarm on this, not enticing.

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao *Skim for work*
Slightly overwhelming. Hard to get into with all the slang, cultural references, and footnotes but probably worth it.

Crossing the Blvd *Skim for work*
Interesting Stories. Will come back to it next year when the art exhibit goes up locally. About struggling and making your way - with a varnish of hope.

Three Cups of Tea *Skim for work*
Interesting story. Might come back to it, probably not.

Picture This *Reviewed*

Prodigal Summer *Skim for work*
Probably will come back to it. Beautiful phrasing.

The Working Poor: Invisible in America *Skim for work*
Surprised at the tone. Expected it to be depressing and hopeless. The message IS dire, but the information is interesting.

I Married A Demon
Fun read! I didn't get around to reviewing it, but that doesn't mean a darn thing this time.

A Black Tie Affair *Reviewed*

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter *Reviewed*

Bar None
Fast, hot, paranormal and intense. Go for it.

Smashed *DNF* *for work*
Whiny. The drama is amplified and the tone oddly suggestive.


Wow, you skim a lot. LOL Have to say I haven't read any of those. I've read some Hearts Afire anthologies but they were the m/m ones. I think the one you read is m/f if I remember your tease.

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