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We've got a GROUP of sexy Bartenders this WICKED Wednesday.
Only one more left to convince, three of them are ready to go!

Today's crazy contest sentences includes
THREE book titles you could win!
*Click the titles to enter*

 Montana Glory was an odd nickname for the quartet, until you got them into bed! Then the Pumpkin turned into a carriage.. or however that fairy tale goes! As long as the The Princess in His Bed was her, she was going for the GLORY!


Mmmmmm verra nice bartenders. :)

Amora - You placing dibs on any special one of them? I kinda like the one with his shirt still on the best.

LOL, if I had to pick only one...it'd be a hard choice, but yeah, the one with the white shirt on too. He's the yummiest.

Seems we have the same taste.

Great smutty minds... and all that jazz. *wink*

Oh hell. They can bring me drinks ANYTIME. Oh and massage my shoulders too. :-)

Since you guys picked shirt guy, I'll take the one kneeling on the bed, a good handful of hair to grab there. Ahem. :-D

Tam, now that you mention it–a full head of hair is a very fine attribute indeed.

Multiple sulky boys - you must be in heaven. ;)

Hey Honey!

I love the white shirt one!


Something happened to my first comment...I said I like the white shirt one!


Chris - you know it!

Houston - Got you loud and clear! Looks like we will have to see if he likes to share. *wink*

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