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Will Ms. Pixie and Mr. Sexy both submit?
Part IV of A Passing Zephyr with Ms. Cecile Smutty Hussy

Last week Mr. Sexy's discipline was interrupted and Ms. Cecile Smutty Hussy—asked Ms. Pixie to play. Note: Original story written by Ms. Cecile Smutty Hussy, edited by Mistress Sweet Vernal Zephyr.

Part I debuted on Wicked Wednesday here. Part II continued the fantasy here. Part III was only a week ago here. Read on for the culmination in today's wickedly lusty Part IV...

Pixie's slightly labored breathing hints that she might be enjoying this as much as me. I wonder what is going through her mind. Is she was thinking about what is going to happen or if she wants it to happen?

"You say you want to watch but..." I speak softly over her breast, looking up at her under my lashes, "I want to play."

"Will you let me play? Will you allow me to play—with you?" I beg softly.

She just looks at me as if she is at a loss for words. Or perhaps she trying to decide exactly what to say.

"All you have to do is lie here and look delicious for me," I whisper over her body as I descended down her belly and over her thighs. "You will get your wish... my Pixie."

Looking over my shoulder at Sexy, I am reminded of where I left off. "Do not think I have forgotten about you, my dear naughty Sexy. Your punishment still stands. You will watch while I pleasure myself."

Giving Pixie a chance to breathe and acclimate herself, I walk over to the night stand where my toy bag is stashed. I can feel both their eyes on me, caressing my bared skin. With a quick dip and flash of my lace panties, I grab the bag and stroll back over to the bed. And them.

"Sexy." With a single word, I demand his full attention and direct Pixie's gaze to him. I endeavor to calm her and stoke her curiosity in tandem. "Do not think I have forgotten about the strip tease."

With that, I walk up behind him and allow our bodies full contact. Heat radiates across our touching skin, on my breasts pressed to his back. I can feel his tight ass against my thighs through my skirt.

I wrap a leg around him and rub myself up and down, up and down. He groan tells me he knows, I am not playing nice. Trailing my nails along his collar, I circling around and sit in front of him on the bed.

"Take my shoes off, " I demand. One foot at time, he removes the stiletto heels. His touch lingers a breath too long but, I allow it. The tiny tendrils of pleasure that shoot from insole to heel negate any possible repercussions for his brashness.

Pushing myself away from him, I wiggle out of my black lace boyshorts. His eyes grow wide as he realizes I am bearing myself for him. To torture him. His cock jumps in his slacks, tight from his kneeling stance. I am enjoying myself and the attention of two beautiful pets. Mustn't forget, Mistress Sweet is watching. A wicked smile spread across my lips at the thought as heat races across my bared flesh.

Grabbing my bag, I pull out one of my favorite toys... a pink vibrator. I lean back and let my knees fall open in front of him. Reclining on the bed in just my black lace bra, skirt and thigh highs I feel like a complete minx.

High on my intoxication of him, I turned to face Pixie at my side and whisper, "Are you ready?" Her breath hitches at my tone and she curls her body around me, not quite touching but close enough to sense.

The intensity of observation by three, anticipation of lust, sets me on the path of self indulgence. With my vibrator in hand, I make my way to the ache demanding my attention. My pussy. I focus on Sexy at my feet as I please myself toward an orgasm. He groans at the play of my own hands on my body, and suddenly its there. I feel the rush from my toes to my head. I wiggle and moan until my body calms down and twin gasps recede to an echo.

Looking at Sexy, I notice his slacks are slightly wet where the head of his cock is still straining for release. I roll my head to the side to see Pixie licking her lips and as flush red as an juicy apple. Ah yes, the memory of their twin gasps still echo in my head.

I turn my attention back to Sexy. "Now, it is your turn to come lay down my naughty Sexy," my voice is not quite my own after that orgasm. But I am determined to stay in the game.

"You accepted your discipline very well. You did not touch and you did not come. Your obedience will now be rewarded." My face was stern but my tone warm as I instructed my borrowed pet.

As he lies down on the bed beside me, I turn to Pixie. If that little show has her all worked up, I wonder what else will make her pant for me. Straddling her, I crawl my way up her body—like a panther stalking its prey.

Her eyes resemble that of prey, bright with arousal and a touch of fear. Her heart is pumping adrenaline through her veins and a light sheen of sweat has formed above her lip. I lean my face close to hers. Our lips almost touching, I gently whisper "Do not take your eyes off me."

She opens her mouth to respond but I halt her with my lips. The kiss is soft and pliant. Never having kissed another woman before, I was unsure what it would feel like. But this, this is sexy as hell! Soft and exploring, with less of an edge compared to when I dominate the men in my bed. Utter submission. Another rush of excitement washes though me.

Before my mind engages to analyze what exactly I am discovering from that kiss, I turn back to Sexy. Pixie pants behind me and a tentative hand grazes my back. I crouch over Sexy to lie down with him in anticipation of his reward but find myself angling just enough to allow the curious touch of Pixie along my side.

With my head against Sexy's chest and my hand covering Pixie's at my waist, my gaze dances to the mirror above our heads. We are splayed out in a luscious tangle of silk and skin, an invitation or perhaps a gift. With a smile and a wink, I nod my head to the voyeur behind the glass and indulge my night of sensual exploration with the pets of Mistress Sweet.

Thank you all for reading!

I hope you have enjoyed the ride. We sure have enjoyed bringing it to you! Cecile & Miranda


Why is the blog all steamed up?!??

LOL... funny Chris!!!! Thanks for delighting in my story!!!! I had a great time playing with Sweet!!!!


This was so well written and very sexy! I enjoyed the ride!


Wow..it definitely is steamy at the blog..I think it could have melted the snow outside I got the other day..lol.
Awesome job,I enjoyed the story.

It is a little hot here huh.... **evil wink**
Thank you guys for coming over here! It does mean a lot!

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