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Do you recall Mr. Sexy
tending to our lush literary needs last week?

Photographed by nDVS

Our Sexy Bartender was led on a merry adventure by Ms. Cecile Smutty Hussy—with Mistress Sweet's permission, of course.

If you missed Part I last week, it is here. Read on for Part II...

Taking my lips away from his, I look him in the eyes. Lust swirls behind those chocolate depths. "Go to the bed and sit."

He takes a seat on the edge of the bed. I place both hands on his knees and bring my face down to his. As my lips trace his face, I slowly whisper, "You are a delicious treat from Ms. Sweet. I must remember to thank her."

Goosebumps rise on his shoulders where my breath warms his skin. As I lower my lips to his ear a chill rips through his body. Ah, apparently a sensitive spot for his cock responds as well. Through his slacks I can see his hard erection pressing against the fly. His breathing has become ragged, yet he retains his control. The time will come to test that strength of will.

"I want to taste you...," I allow my words to linger, slow and methodical. "All of you before the night is over."

My voice roughens to a seductive purr as I nibble on his ear. Lowering myself down to kneel in front of him, I also lower my mouth to one of his nipples. Licking, biting, blowing... I make them stand at attention for me.

Licking my way down his chest and biting my way down his stomach I demand, "I want to watch you squirm under my touch. I want to hear you beg for mercy." He gives me no response but the slight increase in his heart beat, faster and faster as he visualizes the lengths I will go to get what I want.

I pull myself away... just enough for him to see me wet my lips with the tip of my tongue. I settle back on my heels within the confines of his legs. With a calculated push one shoulder of my blouse slips off, then the other revealing black lace against white.

His low moan encourages me in my taunting as his eyes tract my every move.

"You will watch while I strip in front of you. You will not touch." Testing him.

I rise again, standing directly in front of him. "I will unbind your hands and you will not touch until told." I state softly.

Reaching down to untie him, my breasts are a mere lick away from his wicked mouth. Still testing him.

He fails.

His tongue flicks out and tastes the swell of my breast and my breath hitches at the rebellion.

"I said no touching." I turn my back to him and ignore the seductive shadow of his lashes against his cheeks as he casts his eyes to the floor in immediate submission.

"You shall be reprimanded." I walk away deciding the course of punishment for him while also striving to regain a firm grip on my own control. This one, he will be a challenge to master... or maybe it will take two...


Putting the two of you together on one blog is dangerous...

Be afraid, be very afraid. And remove all combustibles.

She makes that sound bad, putting us together!! LMBO!!!!

**Evil laughter filtering through**



Did I say OMG?

The devil himself couldn't entice like this! Cecile, your seduction is HOT! Girl...you can write!

My question is...Does the teacher (Ms. Smutty Hussy) teach the student (Mr. Sex) or does the student teach the teacher at this point in the story?
I have to wonder.

Wicked wicked laughter! Awesome honey! Just awesome!

Definitely hot! My computer needs a cold shower.

Hey Sweet & Cecile, had to go read part 1 first can't believe I missed it last week but Wow I mean really Wow *fanning self*

Thanks you guys for coming over! I hope you like the story. Sweet was very kind in letting me play with bartender!!!!

Thanks Sweet! Enjoy the story..... and watch my wicked side come out to play!

Have mercy it's hot in here lol. Keep it going girl! Go Cecile Go Cecile!!!

wow..my fan on my laptop is working overtime...very steamy Cecile..Can't wait for part 3.

Oh what a wicked mind I do have..... I am glad that you ladies are enjoying the story!
I promise to try to keep it going.... **evil laughter in the background**

OMG!!! *said in a whiny voice8 I want more... MORE MORE MORE!!!

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