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Welcome to Saturday Serials

You may remember Mistress Sweet from past Saturday Serials as the protective Dominatrix.
But at Mister Valance's Porch she's Miss Sweet, owner of a cozy saloon and a broken heart. Below is her story.

Miss Sweet's Saloon Part VI - The Man and The Bitch

After so many years of wandering, Miss Sweet weren't sure how this stagnation would turn out. But she had learned a lot over those past years and most important was to listen to her gut. And the cramping in her stomach translated to a change in path, and had absolutely nothing to do with the can of refried beans they had found under the piano.

With a grand smile she surveyed her new home, squatter's rights and all. Grime coated almost every surface but the ones they had been dancing and sleeping on. Suspicious piles of fetid rot occupied various dark and musky corners. And the bitch and her pups curled under the bar with a brand new male protector leaning next to them.

Her attention turned to the usually silent Jake. A fairly new addition to her wandering cohorts, he had been riding with them for the last 5 months. Not one for many words, he didn't seem to participate much in the more riotous evening activities of the gang. He weren't no leech or such. Brought in just as much food and coin as the rest of them, just did it without fanfare.

She had a niggling suspicion she weren't the only reason he opted to stay behind with her. Last night he had unveiled a hidden talent and entertained them all for hours as he tickled the ivory. Now get your mind out of the gutter! He's a piano player, and a damned talented one. Sure, she ain't heard no one else play piano, but she had to believe that he sounded like an angel from heaven at that dusty bench!

His motives weren't all that important. He spoke the truth about her need for a man. The town just wouldn't accept a woman on her own. His presence would make settling a whole lot easier. And it weren't like he were after her virtue or any such thing. He had spent many nights warming her sheets just the same as all the men. And when he weren't warming hers, he was tangled up with one of the other cowboys.

Did you just gasp? Do you know how cold it gets in the desert at night? Don't matter one bit about your pride as a cowboy if'in your pet cock done near freeze off. And when you're constantly running from the law, well fire just ain't an option. Throw in some liquor and the only thing important is mutual satisfaction.

Sure, they had a few ruffians join their group and leave the next day, some with a fight and others with harsh words. Ain't no place in that group for judgement. They all were running from an empty noose somewhere. With that hanging over your head, pleasure is a gift no matter what form it takes.

Perhaps she mighta managed to get joined up with the only bisexual free love cowboy outlaws in the desert. But they are the roughest toughest meanest men you ever wanna meet.

And somehow she managed to get one of the prettiest ones to follow her. When he smiled, Jake sure was a pleasure to look at. But without the curve of his lips and wrinkling of his eyes, the hard cut of his chin and the intimidation of his unibrow would make any common man step back and guard his words. The cowboy could positively loom like a thundercloud at his extreme height.

Currently he was crouched down next to the strays, attempting to get his fingers bitten off.

Guess they needed a plan of action...

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Darn it Miss Sweet, they were THOSE kind of cowboys, huh? Just your bad luck, I guess. Well, if ever you yearn for a man to take you outside and kiss you on the veranda...

This week's installment made me smile.

Bad luck? Hum, Mister Valance. But I sure do remember Christmas... well, let's just say I'll be thinking about the veranda...

I'm thinking about it too Miss Sweet, and Christmas. I never did give you that present. *sigh*

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Thanks so much for delving into my head. It's scary in here sometimes, so it is nice to have company! Don't step on the zephyr...

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