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Welcome to Saturday Serials

You may remember Mistress Sweet from past Saturday Serials as the protective Dominatrix.
But at Mister Valance's Porch she's Miss Sweet, owner of a cozy saloon and a broken heart. Below is her story.

Miss Sweet's Saloon - The Third Part

Pa's recollection of her broken heart is still clear as the day she was born 'cause, in a round about way, he were the one that broke it.

Ya see, she doesn't have many memories of her Ma. Just the typical hazy images and fuzzy feelings of warmth and tenderness. And it doesn't bother her none either. She has her Pa and the horses and life is good.

Well, it was fine enough until she started getting a little older and growin' up a bit. He can remember a time when his little Sweet Pea only had eyes for him, but then again he can remember a time when her Ma only had eyes for him too. Neither one of those times lasted.

So the grownin' up happened and sure enough she fell head over boots in love. A handsome young cowboy apprenticed to the blacksmith in town started making trips out in place of the ol' crippled farrier. And he sure did take longer to shoe those horses than ol' Jasper ever did too.

Season's passed and things progressed to the point of sick glowing puppy love on both their faces. It weren't nothing he could look at for any length of time without feelin' his stomach bunch up into knots and a start attempting to jump out his throat. Weren't the right kinda reaction for a man to have to his daughter's happiness, but it were the truth.

That young handsome cowboy showed enough brains to ignore the gossip about his Sweet Pea and get to pursuing her real serious like. So, Pa got it in his head that it was right time that she knew the truth about her ma and her blood on her 18th birthday.

He presented her with a paltry few of her Ma's things. A photograph of her Ma with a baby in her arms and a man at her side that was not Pa, and a trio of wedding bands.

Without him even opening his mouth that smart mind of hers put a couple of the puzzle pieces together. But with a twist of her thoughts she got it all wrong. And it's hard for a man to find the words to talk about stuff like that. Especially an old lonely cowboy speaking to the only woman he loves, his daughter.

So he took the cowards way out for a just a little while, and let her think that half a puzzle was the whole story. By the time he'd had a few drinks and gathered his balls back into his pants, she wasn't listenin' to his words real clear. She missed the love and heard only the ungodly taboos and the taint of her blood.

And that is when she got it in her pretty stubborn head that she wasn't worth the love of a good and decent man. Though where that puts her Pa, he's not sure.

He watched his girl with a hawk's eye after that, sure she was setting up to do something life changing. And sure enough the light started to fade in his Sweet Pea's eyes, rubbing off like a lonely bull on a stump.

But that boy, he never did notice. Til it was too late, of course. By then she was as cold to him as to any man and appeared to watch with frosty eyes as she shattered his heart on one warm windy day in May and left them both with empty hearts and empty homes.

See ya next Saturday for the wandering of a broken heart...
Did you miss the beginning of this sad story? Part I starts in Miss Sweet's Saloon and Part II proceeds with the reminiscing.


Darn, this is turning out to be a mighty sad story, Miss Sweet. You'll have me blubbing in my popcorn, and I ain't done that since I saw Old Yeller.

Well, we got plenty of popcorn here to replace the wet stuff. *wink*

This is Fantastic! I have read all three so far. It realy makes me want more! I wish I had the book in my hand so i could just turn the page and keep reading! You are fabulous!

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