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Welcome to Saturday Serials, the finale of Pixie's Story.

(Part 1, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V...)

My Christmas present to you, the rescue of Pixie!

The gray gave her up, the respite of unconsciousness refueling her sanity for another attempt at coherent life.

Was he waiting for her now, preferring her screams instead as his soundtrack? What did he want with her? No. That was a dangerous questions to contemplate. Better to focus on... other things. Better to not let her mind wander down those twisted dark paths of what-ifs.

Her ears strained again as her brain scrambled for viable answers. Scrambled… rats.

Did she really hear them or was it just another nightmare to add to the mountain? Rats would have surely found her by now. Bound and helpless, she was the perfect victim for not only the massive mute beast but any other carnivourous creature that could get to her, past him.

The rats scrambled again. The sound echoed in her ears, a welcome diversion from her thoughts.

Listening intently she tracked the sound to the floor right next to her bed.

But, that was solid. She knew from the massive mute beasts' footsteps. Every single time she tracked the terrifying echo of his steps, there was no echo there.

No crawlspace for a rat to scurry.

Or a human to crawl.

No. Her brain was becoming creative with this game. That nasty sliver of hope was poisoning her tenuous grip on reality. There was not a person down there.

She listened harder but all sounds cessed and those horrifying familiar footsteps resounded once again, coming towards her.

Panic slithered inside her chest. What would he do now? Use her like a perverted teddy bear again or was there a new level of horror coming through that door?

He was at the threshold now, swinging open the creaking wood. As her eyes went blind from the sudden light, her ears went deaf from what must surely be hell opening below her.

The heat of sulfurous fires singed her face as the bed vibrated from a thunderous explosion. Floorboards turned into shrapnel aimed at the beast in the doorway as something blasted its way out from under the house.

She struggled to regain some sort of mental grip on her suddenly shifting circumstances. Silence dueled with screaming static in her ears as grey and white spots danced across her eyes and pummeled her head.

Hell belched again.

A roar from the beast, no longer mute.

The echo of strange boots, and then she was airborne as her sight returned. Returned to terrorize her with glimpses of that freshly baked bread and roasted men's heads as she was carried through the kitchen and out the door of the now burning house in another man's arms.


Yay for Murderer saving the day!


Pixie is no longer in Dante's clutches but on her way to Miss Sweet's safe house.

Do you remember back when you first met Murderer? He was a bit scary back then. Miss Sweet had requested he cover the bar for her.
Keys jangling, Murderer opened up Sweet's Bar for business. Not his usual gig, that's for sure. He preferred dark, dank and dangerous.

Well, turns out, Murderer was in the middle of a stake out at Dante's place and Miss Sweet's favor made him have to leave Pixie with that beast an extra night!
Still in his work clothes, he hadn't given himself enough time to change into a set of shirts. Actually, Dante hadn't given him enough time. Murderer had planned on finishing him off late last night. Unfortunately, that cannibalistic piece of work had forced him to extend his timeline and cut it close with Sweet's favor... That bastard had been discarding half eaten corpses into the dirt like throwing scraps to a dog. But the timing had not been right, and he was forced to wait.

Trust me, Miss Sweet feels mighty bad about that circumstance. Perhaps it is the reason Pixie is her favorite.
Pixie was still firmly in the butterfly stage. Very new to the family, she was brought in by Murderer.

Hope you enjoyed my little terrorist attempt! ~ Miranda


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