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In loo of a crazy contest sentence today...

Vixelyn & Frost are here to help me wish you all
A Very Merry Chrismas!

May winter kiss your cheeks rosy and warm your heart, as we all look ahead to a new year to start.


Merry Christmas, Miss Sweet.

*Gives Valance a Christmas hug*

*Gives Miss Sweet a Christmas kiss*

*Looks above their heads* There must be mistletoe around here that I didn't notice!

Thinks... 'who cares?'

*smirks* Just because we don't have very many wandering eyes over here in our corner of bloggsville... *gets cut off by another kiss*

*With Miss Sweet in his arms*

Miss Sweet - have I ever told you you've got beautiful eyes?'

Why No, Mister Valance. *Steel blue eyes asses his hold on her.* But I do believe you may say it again. *winks*

*Stares into Miss Sweet's eyes*

Miss Sweet, you've got beautiful eyes. As a matter of fact, I once had a budgie the same color.

Erm, don't mind me - Merry Christmas (Eve)!


S'ok Chris, I was just er... giving Miss Sweet a Christmas present. Ain't that so, Miss Sweet? And now I'm leaving.

Well, Merry Christmas Miss Sweet... you too, Chris.

*Exit stage left, smoothing down a tell-tale lump*

*laughs* Wow, quite a Christmas gift you got there Sweet. You lucky girl you. Now that you two are finished, I'll pipe up and wish you a very merry.

Have a wonderful wonderful Christmas, you and yours.

Merry Christmas Sweet. :)

Merry Merry Christmas, Chris & Amara! Thanks for coming over to visit me!

Merries to you, Miranda luv. :)

Merry Merry, Kris!

So....He's been over here playing with you has he Sweet?

Looks like you've been enjoying this here Cowboy...well, that's good. Now you can keep him!

Merry Christmas to you both!

Merry Christmas, Miranda! :)

Merry Christmas, Miranda! I hope all your wishes may come true. Christmas smooches

Hey Miss Innocent...just dropping in (and out of Character) to say...Merry Christmas darlin'! Seems you and Valance will be starting off the Season with a new plot line over at The Porch...you ready for a new year of fun between our Characters? tehehehee

big hugs

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