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Welcome to Saturday Serials
Part I of
Pixie's Story
Get to know Pixie, the cute noobie from our original Passing Zephyr series:
Her dark past haunts Murderer's Bar (and his shirt) a while before
Miss Cecile's Story begins the seduction,
 the Sexy Bartender gives his two cents
while Miss Sweet observes them all.

Do you remember Pixie from Miss Cecile's Story? She's the shy noobie that gets pulled in to play with Sexy the bartender. She's new to Miss Sweet's bar but that day she was finally feeling secure enough to venture out and have a little fun...

Pixie was still getting used to the strange dynamic within Miss Sweet's household.

It was a household, even though to many it appeared a simple bar. Above the smokey hardwood serving area were two stories of clean living space. And below, well, that was Miss Sweet's playroom. Don't go imagining a fully finished basement or something. No, way more fun than that. And way more dangerous.

Pixie knew about the extra curricular activities that went on downstairs, but she had never been invited to join in. Nor had she ever had the courage to ask.

But today was different.

Her courage had been slowly building along with her confidence over the past few weeks. Each night when she wasn't woken by screams or gunshots. Each morning when she dozed through an alarm instead of the rancid breath of teeth rotting in the head next to hers. She grew stronger.

And Miss Sweet watched over as she did all the others in her flock. A protective mother hen‚ but... no. That wasn't right. More like a beautiful and vicious hawk. Circling above her nest, ready to attack any threat. And not above pushing the fledgling out when they needed to learn to fly.

Pixie was sure her push would come, but she was also sure Miss Sweet would prepare her for that day. Armed and ready for the world again. To be her own person again, and not be defined by others.

Like that bastard Dante.

He had almost defined her as dinner. The perverted freak. And the worst part was, she had gone to him willingly. Unknowingly, but still of her own blind volition. He had seen her vulnerability and been drawn to it.

She had thought she had on a strong face. Brave and sexy and maybe even a little slutty. Anything to say, "Hey look at me. I'm young beautiful and you just might get some if you play your cards right." Yeah, well, she had gotten some. Way more than she could handle!

Thinking back... she had been fresh out of a broken relationship, the classic rebound girl.

No, she hadn't had a broken heart. Marcus had not been the forever type, but she had thought he could have at least been the faithful type! Nope. She had caught him jerking off on his webcam to some hottie two towns over. Worst part was, her coming into the room had NOT but a damper on things. In fact, she was pretty sure her screaming tirade had been what got him off.

Her pride in tatters and her labido far from satisfied, he had a nice cock no matter the circumstances, she had put on her tightest jeans, lowest cut shirt and darkest makeup and left his ass on the outside of her locked apartment door.

Heading to the bar, she ruefully acknowledged her already damp panties. She was going to be naughty tonight. Pick a guy and fuck him just like that. Hard and hot and no exchange of numbers please.

Strutting into her favorite techno place, she pounded two shots of her favorite tequila and settled down with a long island to find a bed warmer.

There were plenty of pretty boys strutting their stuff too, but they weren't much more than eye candy for her in this mood. Too much like Marcus and his bright white smile.

She needed a man that could handle her, manhandle her. The broader the shoulders, the bigger the arms the smaller she would feel and the more like a woman instead of an insignificant piece of garbage.

Her display of assets seemed to pull in quite a few fish but they all veered away once they got close enough to catch the vibe she was throwing. A cross between "I wanna fuck you like an animal" and "I'm gonna chew your dick off."

But one man kept his dark gaze on her.

Slouched in the corner, she couldn't quite make out his eye color or height, but as men passed by him she got an idea of his sheer breadth and it took her breath away.

He was the biggest one in the bar and he was the one she wanted.

Come back next Saturday for to see if she can get what she wants from him.


Wow. This is awesome honey!! I can't wait to find out more on my little Pixie. You know she has a soft sport in my.... Just for her! Hope Friday was great to you honey and Saturday is just as nice! Hugs and kisses!!

Miss Sweet, this is downright filthy!

(See you next week)

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