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River is our sexy Contest Bartender.
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The Rebel stood in the light of a Blood Moon overlooking his excommunicated hometown, Shadowland. There was no turning back now.


A note on the current Censorship issue: "Censorship is insidious. It starts out righteous, then eats into all things until you are nibbled down to nothing but the shell "society" says is decent."

Chris has great links on her linkity today.

I have stirred the pot a bit at the following two blogs: Cleverly Inked and Nickola's.

Thanks for the mention!

Yeah, that whole book banning thing... GAH.

Mmmm. River Viiperi. Niiiice.

I'm staying out of the debate (and then clearly don't by posting here LOL) but what annoyed me was they say they are allowing that to be up because they don't want censorship but they don't allow porn. Hello? I'd rather know they sell books/movies of sex acts between consenting adults than books that teach men how to molest kids. You either sell everything and anything, or you tow some kind of magical line and I'd say books that endorse a crime are probably on the other side of the line. I'm pretty sure if I wrote a book on how to conduct terrorism in the US without getting caught I wouldn't be allowed to sell it there. I don't like the pick and choose morality.

Chris - No problem :)

Tam - Yeah, River is HOT! The magical morality line... I like that.

Ocelott does a good job differentiating between censorship and just plain being wishy-washy.



Hi.. Thanks for making "Shadowland" part of your Crazy Contest Sentence... however, just want to make sure your readers know that this "Shadowland" is a DVD, not a book.

Thanks for the support!

Gayle Gallagher
Producer, Shadowland

Yep Mmmm Yummy Bartender

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