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Over the weekend I found myself attempting to sell my wares (and my husband's). Get your mind out of the gutter! I was at a craft show, set up as a vendor.

People are notoriously tight these days, so in an attempt to keep the boredom at bay I kept a time log of events.

Since this is a book blog, I will share the bookity highlights:

10:54 • Attempt to pass the time reading Poe.

11:02 • Poe is too hard to read with a crowd.


11:31 • Attempt to read Romance.

11:32 • Romance is too embarrassing to read in a crowd.


12:41 • Taller-than-me blond man elicits personal sexual deviation fantasies.

In the end, I determined that I like to watch people more than I like to read. Huh.

If you want to kill some time and maybe crack a smile or two,
Head over to my personal blog for the entire Saturday afternoon's events!


It's hard to read in a crowd like that. Too many distractions unless you sequester yourself in a corner which may not bode well for whatever you are trying to sell.

I probably would've knit.

Quite frankly I'm admire you from even trying to read Poe in a crowd. :D

You had quite an interesting day. I enjoyed reading your timeline. :)

**Looks around** Selling wares and hubs... I am so there!!!! Hee heee Hugs honey!

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