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I know, I know it is Saturday but Swine Flu has hit our home and I am using up all my alloted energy for today just to reach out to you ;) Anthologies are just the right size for me when I am sick, short and sweet and not too many complicated plot shifts to follow. DMy Lady Below Stairs by Emily Bryan in the A Christmas Ball Anthology released this October - pg 56

"It doesn't appear mortal."

I know the teaser doesn't tell much but, I really enjoyed this short story. I started out my romance reading career firmly planted in historicals but lately have been entrenched in paranormals. This historical reminded me of the charm surrounding the maid and her groom. Here's the cover blurb for a little more background.

Nobody misses Lord Lady Hartwell's Christmas Ball, ...but they all go for different reasons. When Lady Sybil runs off with an Italian portrait painter, her bastard half-sister Jane Tate goes in her place. Lord Eddleton plans on proposing to "Sybil" under the mistletoe. Lady Darvish is on the hunt for her fifth husband. And Ian Michael MacGregor is determined to show Jane that love doesn't have to pretend.

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I like how it doesn't APPEAR mortal. What does it appear to be?

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