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Let's start with a little bit of background.

Last month the US Government shut down analog television broadcasts and encouraged a switch to digital receivers. Unfortunately, reception in our pooh-dunk town is very close to nil. Therefore, we have been forced into DVD entertainment during dinner. Not a big deal, but a change for us.

Luckily, we have friends.

Imagine that!

They graciously lent us True Blood: Season 1! Now, I am an avid vampire fan. I adore Moonlight (OMG hunkiness!) & Twilight & Highlander.

In the past hubby would simply indulge me with an aloof smile as I gush about the latest and hottest vampire on the scene. BUT his favorite radio personality raves about the True Blood series...

On to the foreground.

So here we are, 2 episodes/dinners in, and I dare to suggest that we eat outside and enjoy the summer breeze. He gives me a glare and demands,
"No, we HAVE to watch True Blood."
I turn astonished eyes to his face and realize - he is suckered in, hooked, a fanboy!

With a smile I load the DVD and enjoy the sound of his self-depreciating laugh. Welcome to my world handsome! Revel in the rush of paranormal sex & violence.

Giving Ground?

What am I talking about? Contests, giveaways, free stuff. I figure, if I am going to blog, and you are going to read, then I should reward you. I only have two followers, a.k.a. zephyr riders, right now... but the numbers will grow as I become consistent in my posting. UNTIL THEN:
Let me reward you, my two fellow Zephyr Riders (and any others that may wander my way).
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