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Pleasure by Eric Jerome Dickey

I was drawn to this book by the cover art and genre, erotic fiction. I have never read Eric Jerome Dickey, and the blurb caught my interest.

Born in Trinidad and living in Atlanta after a relationship gone bad, Nia Simone Bijou is an ambitious writer who has it all. Except for the one thing that’ll give her the control she craves—and the power she deserves: absolute, uninhibited sexual satisfaction. Now, in the sweltering days and nights of summer, the heat is on. Nia’s fantasies will become a reality—with man after man after man. She will shatter the limits of erotic love. She will open herself up to experiences she never dared before. And as her fantasies begin to spin out of control, she’ll discover the unexpected price of the extreme.

NOTES on my current reading state of mind:
- Half way through the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series. Fast paced, suspense, action, drama, blood, violence, perversion & sex.
- Stalled 3/4 of the way through two books, a spy romance & an egyptian vampire romance. Predictable.

With that grain of salt I reveal to you that Pleasure is not living up to my expectations, yet. I am about a third of the way through and I am skimming over to the good parts.

The initial first chapter is a great hook. I find myself wondering about the sex of the narrator but in no doubt that they are extremely sexual.

Not to give away too much...

The mother thread bores me,
the ex-boyfriend thread brings in good drama & suspense,
the twins are the key erotic element that I am searching for with my page flipping.

The twins thread is so hot that I become frustrated reading the content in-between—longing for that next erotic fix. This is an echo of the narrator's internal turbulence and a testament to the author's skill.

Perhaps the writing is a bit too similar to what goes on inside my brain when I am thinking WAY TOO MUCH. I like it, but I don't have the patients (currently) to read it. I think that I could really enjoy this book in the future, with a dictionary at my side*, but right now it is neither fast enough nor bloody enough for me.

* The dictionary comment is not a dig at the author, simply a note that my vocabulary was challenged during this reading. I enjoy a challenge, but it also has made me very self conscious about my current writing skills. I find myself double checking the correct usage of effect and affect... la sigh


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