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Helmut told me that when a highcap is a small child, the highcap mutation is blank possibility; like a stem cell, it can evolve into almost anything.

At some point, a highcap child's nature and personality determine what his or her highcap power will be.

The child who wants things from outside his crib becomes a telekinetic...

~ page 88 Double Cross by Carolyn Crane

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Love parnormal fantasy! Sounds like a good story!

Shannon - First of all, I love your name "Confuzzled"! I totally relate. LOL And secondly, yes - it was an awesome story!

Did you see her news? The third book will be out in December from Samhain.

I must have been a hungry child. Now I can consume massive quantities of food. Sigh. :-)

I read Lean on Me by Julia Talbot. A werewolf and a guy with psychic abilities. Cute story. I'll give you a spicy taste today.

Those long, callused fingers started on his shirt, then worked down to his jeans and shoes and socks. Aiden felt almost like he'd been drugged. He could barely lift a hand, almost like he was trying to swim in molasses. He just let Jared have whatever the man wanted. Every bit of skin bared was kissed and nibbled until Aiden's cock was so hard it ached, and he still just let Jared have his way.

Chris - I did! :)

Tam - Wow, that IS spicy. Thanks for sharing!

Hot teaser!


Interesting that personality determines their power.

Freda - :D

Carol - Very interesting, makes for some wicked superpowers later on!

Interesting world building!
Thanks for the teaser, and for stopping by!

Great teaser.
I'm so looking forward to book 3!

Angel - I agree, an interesting twist on supernatural powers.

Sullivan - Me too!

Very cool. Another one to go on the TBR list!

Oh I remember reading this section. I loved this series! This really explained a lot of the abilites, and was easily related to us. :) Hope you are loving this series!

Did you know Carolyn has trading cards for 4 of the characters? Check out her site. :)

And the third book will be coming out in eformat in December! :)


Great teaser! I'll have to check out this book.

Cate - Yay for spreading the love!

Melissa - Trading cards? Wicked!

Nanny - Sweet!

Fascinating. I love this concept. Great teaser.

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