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"But you need it."

He tugged Jim down, the man falling into his lap. Jim gasped, jerking, trying to fight.

"You can fight and scream and cry as much as you need."

It would be good for the man.

Then he started to spank Jim, his hand coming down hard and fast over the pretty ass.

~ page 23 Bent by Sean Michael

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Oh, my, what visual images that one conjures up! LOL


I wonder what Jim did that deserved a spanking!

Oh smug annoying Marcus. LOL I'll actually be reviewing a little short with the two of them on Friday. :-) As much as he annoyed me I keep reading them.

I don't really have anything started but I did read this on the weekend. The Charlie Factor by Diana DeRicci. For context, Charlie was badly burned in a fire.

“You might as well know what you're getting into. I'm not whole, Greg. I'm always going to have weaknesses, and I'll always have the scars. They did what they could to keep me out of a wheelchair. I guess I should be grateful for that much.”

It's a sweet GFY with a badly damaged hero.

Laurel - His very first spanking too.

Allison - He was very rude to a bookstore clerk.

Tam - Smug is one way to put it ;) I like sweet, and I just finished a mutual GFY... The Assignment.

Tam: I liked that one!

SVZ: The two shorts that take place after The Assignment are hot fun, but the sequel is a huge disappointment.

Chris - OH noes! I did read the Christmas short that happens after... will have to look for the other. Thanks for the heads up. :D

Wow. Your comment "My teaser is right in the middle of a spanking" definitely peaked my interest...lmao.
Oh, what a teaser it is....

Nice teaser.

Oh, I'm teased! I might have to put it on my to-read list; I'm curious. :) And I'm real intrigued by the cover. How are you liking it?

My TT can be found here!

Rebecca @ kindle fever

Reading - A grown man getting spanked with his clothes on, whats up? ;)

Carol - Thanks!

Bex - This author sucks me into the character's heads. Come back Thursday for my review ;)

Great teaser! I haven't heard of this book before but I am intrigued.



Jules - Its a gay bdsm romance, small range of distribution.

Oh this is a new one for me. :) And someone getting spanked... hmmm, sounds interesting. ;) Thanks!

Great teaser--didn't expect the one being spanked to be a man!

Here's ours:

Melissa - VERY interesting :)

Karen & Gerard - LOL, he didn't expect it either!

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