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Trey - Red Hot & Blue by Cat Johnson
• Steamy undercover short with a classic love triangle and almost insta-love.

Enemy Lover by Karin Harlow
• Paranormal patriotic special ops novel leading into a promising series. Hot sex, intelligent characters, and clashing politics with plenty of nasty repercussions to spicy up the plot.

The Master's Bed by Blythe Gifford
• Classic period romance with a young girl passing for a boy and illiciting sodomite feelings in her school master.

Brier's Bargin by Carol Lynne
• A first person m/m romantic narrative from a mentally handicapped protag has the potential for massive pitfalls. The language was a bit tedious but the message was good - Integrity and a big heart are not exclusive to a specific IQ range.

BAD Attitude by Sherrilyn Kenyon
• Is it possible I have outgrown this author? I initially was attracted to her Lords of Avalon series (which kinda stalled out) and then devoured her Dark-Hunter series. Then why does the interaction between the male and female protags feel so classic/predictable/unrealistic? It a fast fun read but not extremely stimulating.

Mind Games by Carolyn Crane
• One gray rainy Saturday I was sick with a cold and cuddled up on the couch all day to read this. The hypochondriac protagonist was a perfect complement to my illness and the twist and turns keep the snot from overtaking my brain.

Bent by Sean Michael
• Got sucked into this series in the middle. Now I'm at the beginning and seeing a classic skeleton to these stories... but I'm cool with it. The smexing is so hot and the depth of the characters can be surprising at times.

Dragonkin by Crymsyn Hart
• Classic fantasy wizards and dragons and princess fairytale that I had to stop reading because it was too predictable and not in depth enough to engage me fully.

Last Minion Standing by Eve Langlais
• Super hot unashamed smexing!

GPS by Leigh Ellwood
• Perfect length to read on my lunch break. A sweet birthday intervention!

Dark Angel by GA Hauser
• Super short, feels like a setup or skeleton to a much larger and more intense story.

Eternity by Christina J Loren
• Fast, hot, M/M/M menage with vampires too!

Double Cross by Carolyn Crane
• Twisted baby. With a minor cliffhanger ending 'cause it just CAN'T end like that!

The Assignment Evangeline Anderson
• Hot m/m undercover cop action, Gay For You theme that is very hard to put down between chapters.


Wow! You've done some major reading! Impressive!

Julia - I feel like I've been slacking! LOL

Hmm. Your comment re: the Kenyon sounds like the comment of someone who's slowly turning to m/m romance over m/f romance. :D

I just got Bent - I think it was a freebie at ARe? I can't remember but it's on my kindle waiting for me.

I love Carolyn Crane's books!

Enjoyed these quickie reviews!!

Chris - The Dark side does have lots of lovely cookies.

Mandi - Yupper - ARe freebie!

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