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Magic schools both the mind and the heart.


by Laurell K. Hamilton

304 Page Mass Market Paperback, Initial Publication (HC) 1992

The mark of a demon can open the door to undreamed-of powers and possibilities—or expose a soul to the darkest and most forbidden forces of sorcery. Now Keleios wears the mark—and the time of avenging her mother’s death is at hand.
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• This is one of three covers I have seen, and the one I own. It feels much more current than it actually is and I initially thought it was part of one of her other series (though I wasn't sure which one.)
• Once again the author's name is larger than the title. BUT since I bought this because of the author, it works in this instance for me.

• Witches
• Gods & Goddesses
• Familiars
• Elves
• Demons

• Spurred Suitor
• Magically/Sexually Charged temper-tantrum


• Harry Potter-esque, though this may be completely unfair as it was published in 1992 before that particular craziness.

• This was Ms. Hamilton's debut novel. As an Anita Blake junkie, I can see foreshadowing in these characters. Lothor feels like the beginnings of Jean-Claude to me. Keleios despises him and yet over time he grows on her. As a reader we initially see him as evil until bits of his character unfold along with dangerous events.

• Lots of back-story hinted at but never fully explained, at least until needed. A good way to pull you through the narrative, piecing the world together in your head instead of being given all the elements together. This method of discovery learning (when you figure something out for yourself instead of simply being told what is the answer) cements the story in your brain and has you thinking about it after the pages are closed.

• A whirlwind style of storytelling in which you will never quite be able to catch your breath until the end. And then only for a second because you will want to continue on with the saga. Unfortunately, Ms. Hamilton has never written more than this initially, BUT there are first hand rumors on her Facebook that these characters are whispering in her ear again. (LINK)

• Hamilton is a favorite author of mine.

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After 19 years, it seems unlikely there will ever be another book in the series, huh?

I guess she's just been so busy.... LOL

hmmmm, to be fair to Hamilton I might give this book a try.

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