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Welcome to Saturday Serials

You may remember Mistress Sweet from past Saturday Serials as the protective Dominatrix.
But at Mister Valance's Porch she's Miss Sweet, owner of a cozy saloon and a broken heart. Below is her story.

Miss Sweet's Saloon - The Forth Part

Sweet's recollection of the first hearts she ever broke; her's, Pa's and a naive young cowboy's.

The tension at the ranch was something like the distant pressure of a fast moving storm. At first your neck hair tickles, and then the horses start to prance, until finally a sudden gush of air blows through and you get soaked down to your boots.

'S about the way it happened with her and Pa. The courtship with her naive young man was going along at a respectable pace. A few other cowboys were startin' to perk up and show competing interest. Then Pa had to go and blow her over on her 18th birthday. After that she took over on the raining on everyone's parade.

Ya see, her Ma hadn't been happy with just one man. Evidence enough were right there in the photograph and jewelry Pa had given her on her 18th birthday. He hadn't needed to speak one word of explination. The story played itself all out in front of her.

Gazin' on his sad face as he looked at the photograph she were reminded of that flash of fear that crossed his eyes whenever she got a little freindly with one of the cowboys. Seems she was bred to lust for unnatural things and he knew it. He knew she were gonna be a heartbreaker.

With her Pa's revelation, that is when she had begun to know, it just wasn't in her blood to be with one man. She'd had only one kiss, stolen deep within the stable walls, and even with that innocence newly stripped she had felt a strange longing for another solid body behind her to echo the strong cowboy holding her so tenderly.

Her Ma had gone and played herself between two men in two different towns. No other way to explain the three weddin' rings in her head. And with that blood in her veins, well, she could never be trusted to be faithful to a man.

Pained her to admit, it also 'plained a strange longing that she'd been skirting with her thoughts. The ache to be held tight between two men had been a plaguing fantasy ever since that second cowboy had shown up to compete for her affections.

But she figured there had been enough hearts broken in her family (but her convoluted logic just succeeded in breaking three more.) Darn obvious that Pa's heart had been broke by her Ma. So she weren't gonna give him the chance to see her follow in her Ma's footsteps.

'Cause she could feel her blood warming. She could feel those urges coming. And she might better just leave him with the memories of her as girl than she her as a woman and a reflection of her Ma.

In the midst of the whirl wind of first love and blossoming womanhood, Pa showed her the past. Destiny revealed with a photograph and three wedding rings and the assumption that her mother was a harlot and therefore, so was she.

Were for the best that she left that town.

Left her Pa, quiet and lonely on the horse ranch.

Left her naive young cowboy, angry and confused at her unexplained goodbye.

One word without no explanation was a dirty way to leave, but surely not as cruel as the truth. She loved him dearly, but one man was not enough. Weren't nothing to be done for it. No sweet honest God-fearing cowboy would tolerate her sins, and she certainly wouldn't ask it of him. No sir, he would stay pure and gentle and good in the arms of another woman who could give him all of herself, heart AND body.

And what would she do? Well, she would wander with her broken heart and tainted blood and perhaps like would find like.

See ya next Saturday for her return to present day...
Did you miss the beginning of this sad story?
Part I starts in Miss Sweet's Saloon with Part II proceeding on with the reminiscing.
Part III gives a father's point of view of heartbreak and Part IV is above.


I think this is my favorite installment. Very poignant. Nice economy of words.

"Cause she could feel her blood warming."

Hell, she ain't the only one. Fascinating story, Miss Sweet. Sure gives me a prickle, anyway.

Julia - Thank you!

Mister Valance - I do believe prickles are encouraged. *wink*

Begging your pardon Miss Sweet, but my prickle don't need any encouragement.

No need to get all prickly about your prickle. I weren't suggesting no defection or anything.

Oh, I wasn't getting prickly about my prickle, Miss Sweet. And I know you weren't suggesting any defects, either. No reason why you should, anyway, not after what happened at Christmas. No, I was just making a point, that's all. And it don't take much encouragement for me to make a point, if you see what I mean.

Can I say fantastic? I think I have said that each time. I need a new vocabulary but it fits just the same.

Why thank you, Miss April. That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me, but I'd better put it away now.

See Miss Sweet - even Miss April says it's fantastic.

'Fit's just the same' she said. You heard it for yourself.

Mr. V. you just aren't right!! LOL!!

I suppose I should be appalled but I just can't help but enjoy your astounding floor show. *wink*

Please forgive me Miss Sweet. I guess I'm just a natural born sinner, and Miss April, well, she just led me astray.

Cowboy, you're forgiven. Not much is called a sin around this here Saloon... not much at all.

It aint, huh? Hmm, then I reckon I'll have a bottle of the hard stuff while I cook up some more non-sins.

YOU, Mr. V., are a rascal! I did no such thing!

Darn. Well, maybe I exaggerated a little.

Help yourself to as much of the hard stuff as you want, just remember what I told you about the clear stuff.

Miss Sweet, what you said about the clear stuff is something I'm hardly gonna forget. Hell, I'm breaking out in a sweat just thinking about it.

Dry your brow, Cowboy. We will save it for the scoundrels.

All this talk of prickles and points sure makes this girl start longing for something...

hmmm maybe its whiskey...not too sure though ;)

I am loving this story more and more as you go on.

Fine by me, Miss Sweet. I'm drinking nothing but the good stuff.

Longing for something, Miss Brandi? Hmm, wonder what that could be - if it ain't whiskey? Whatever it is, stick around here long enough and you might just get it.

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