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Welcome to Saturday Serials
Part III of Pixie's Story
Get to know Pixie, the cute noobie from our original Passing Zephyr series:
Her dark past haunts Murderer's Bar (and his shirt) a while before
Miss Cecile's Story begins the seduction,
 the Sexy Bartender gives his two cents
while Miss Sweet observes them all.

Pixie's memories from before meeting Miss Sweet were Part 1. Pixie set her sights on a large man in the corner last week, in Part II. This week she discovers the lair of the sexy man who drugged her drink...

It was grey dark when she woke up, and all the warmth of his body was gone, but somehow the strength remained. She was still wrapped up tight and secure but this was no down blanket holding her almost completely immobile.

She attempted to fight off the panic of waking in strange surroundings. There was always a moment of disorientation after a one night stand, especially if she was stupid enough to fall asleep.

Had she fallen asleep? Had the sex been that good? Strange, she couldn't remember the sex, but she ached in all the right places. Maybe he was just tangled in the blankets, and had tangled her too.

Waiting for her eyes to slowly adjust to the dim room, she tried to twist under the sheets and lay on her back.

No go.

The panic tightened her chest again, creeping up her throat. She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to block out the new sensory input.

That could not have been what she had just seen.

A mummy hanging upside down in the far corner. It wasn't even near Halloween. It had to be the shadows playing tricks with her eyes. Just a tiny bit of light and shadows turn into monsters.

But opening her eyes, it was still there.

And she still couldn't move.

And her brain made the logical jump and then she started to scream. And scream, and scream. Because that was all she could do.

Because she was wrapped up like a mummy too.

The darkness sucked her in and the gray sucked her out. Oscillating between sleep and consciousness, her sense of time became fractured.

All she could see was the dangling body in the corner.

All she could hear was a dripping that drove her crazy.

She knew another drop would sound but never exactly when it would come. Sometimes it would wake her out of unconsciousness, as loud as a gong and causing her heart to beat wildly in her chest and drown out the sound.

Other times it would become a distant hum to the noise in her head and the lights behind her eyes.

And then he came.

Come back next Saturday to see how Pixie survives...


'And then he came.'

That's amazing, Miss Sweet. And she never even noticed.

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I wanna know more!!!!

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